Horoscope for Aquarius men and women for 2020

Only very careless or foolish people can afford to live without thinking about the future, without trying to somehow plan it and calculate their moves, the reaction to something.

Basically, we all try, as far as possible and possible, to imagine what awaits us later, to think about what needs to be done so that something important happens or, conversely, does not happen. Calculate your actions and everyone around you in response to certain events.

Of course, there are few clairvoyants on the planet. However, there are still ways, at least approximately and very roughly, to predict what will happen in the future. It's about astrology, which studies the patterns of mutual behavior of celestial bodies and extrapolates it, according to centuries-old observations of what is happening in human life, other factors, what will happen.

Astrological forecasts are especially popular on the eve of the New Year - after all, this is an excellent adviser in making plans for the next calendar period, in preparing yourself for anything. Well, let’s try and today we don’t torment our readers, and present them to the horoscope for 2020. This time for Aquarius.

Horoscope for 2020 for women Aquarius

Representatives of this sign all year will be in some kind of search, strive for something, and far from always will be aware of what really drives them forward? However, even if they encounter obstacles in their path, they will perceive them more as an interesting and useful experience than as an annoying hindrance.

In the first half of the year in the business sphere, things will not go as smoothly as you would like: you will begin to conflict with employees, but you will not digest it, so you will always feel uncomfortable. There is a chance to quarrel not only with colleagues, but also with management, and if you do not stop in time and do not think twice, you will be paid in full with the same coin.

During the spring, you are so angry that you will transfer your irritation to the family, and the summer will pass under the sign of quarrels with them. It will seem to your loved ones that you are overly critical, detached from them and indifferent to their problems, and behave simply as a spoiled consumer. And nothing you can do about it until August - then all the problems will come to naught by themselves.

Peace and kindness will re-enter your life, you will calm down, and then by all means try to spend more time with your relatives, pay attention to the house. Go on vacation whenever possible in September. At the end of the year, you will be all right: unexpected material gifts, useful investments and pleasant spending. There will be a chance to radically change your life - do not miss it!

Horoscope for 2020 for men-Aquarius

To succeed this year, you have to arm yourself with all the frugality, intellectual abilities, as well as honesty and openness. You don’t have to wait for a quiet life, at least in the first half of the year, but you will meet all the challenges of fate with your head held high and regard them as an interesting experience.

However, all this is heavily overshadowed by permanent conflict situations that will haunt you, literally, at every step. In the spring, you will quarrel with all your colleagues and the situation at work will become extremely hot. Do not pass your attention to the authorities, who will get even with you the most stringent method.

From all this, your psyche will remain in such an unbalanced state that you will quarrel with your loved ones, moreover, mainly through your fault. And no matter how you try to soften, to avoid sharp corners, you will not succeed. The only way out is to run away in a direct or metaphorical sense. Business trips, outings with friends or in the garage, sports, hobbies ...

Until the fall there will be a similar tear in the relationship, but then everything will be fine again, and without any efforts on your part, a very pleasant calm time will come, which is better to spend with loved ones and relatives, with friends.

By the end of the year, notice how significantly your fate has gone uphill: you will find a much more prestigious job, prosperity will increase significantly, you will indulge yourself with purchases, and all investments will be successful.

Love horoscope

With love with Aquarius in 2020, everything will be changeable, however, not to say that it is disastrous. If you are single, you have every chance to charm a person of the opposite sex with your independence and sincerity.

However, it is better that such searches fall at the very beginning of the year, or already in the fall. Get ready for the fact that fans will prevail over the whole year, you will be flattered by their attention and some work will be required to choose from the whole host the most worthy individual, related to your principles.

In the summer, be careful - you can ruin your relationship with your loved ones because of your intemperance and obsession with other problems. The stars advise in this case to spend more time together, build joint plans, talk about everything in the world.

In the autumn, after a short idyll, you will want changes and a fresh stream, you will get bored. To avoid this, visit your partner in new places, find new joint hobbies, come up with something new in bed.

Horoscope of finance and career

No matter how hard you try to include prudence in the coming year, this will not insure you from financial problems. Even if all of the first half of the year and July, inclusive, you save on everything you can, do not spend money on anything big and do not lend to anyone. The only way out is to find a good part-time job. AT

In August, they will gradually release financial troubles, but feel the maximum relief in this regard only in the fall - then you can decide on big expenses. You will be visited by the desire to change the wardrobe, or even to refresh the furniture of the apartment. And someone even has enough to improve housing conditions or a brand new car. True, do not forget with all this a little bit to leave for vacation - soon prosperity may end.

In the business sector, Aquarius, unfortunately, is waiting for black times. You just need to survive all this, because when they are completed, you will be rewarded a hundredfold for all the ordeals. Beginning in February, misunderstandings and unpleasant career situations at work are likely, and they will last until May.

However, then it will become easier. You will need all the inherent calm to adequately withstand a possible demotion, or even dismissal. Do not dramatize too much: in November, get a better job or experience substantial career growth, taking a position much better than the previous one.

Horoscope of health

Aquarians and taking care of one's own health are somewhat incompatible things. Therefore, get ready for the fact that in 2020 you will experience an exacerbation of some chronic diseases, you will also get something new "in a bouquet." To avoid all this, try not to tear the veins in physical work and not to stomp diseases "on your feet" - even a mild cold.

In addition, an unfavorable emotional background, constant hassle may require venting. And God forbid, it will become alcohol or junk food - it will very quickly become your habit, and getting rid of it will be extremely problematic.

Try to relax and rest safely: go on a weekend for hunting, fishing, take a walk in a pleasant company in the fresh air. More often get out with family or friends for picnics, to the cottage.

Horoscope for 2020 for Aquarius by year of birth

Aquarius - Rat

Your diverse interests will finally find practical application this year. The rat will take everything into account and add everything to the benefit. Nobody is going to infringe on your right to freedom of thought and deed - nevertheless, it is your year, so you can get off the barricades for a while and enjoy communicating with the limited circle of people that is "allowed" to you.

Very useful in the coming year will be a love of change and everything new: you will be energetic, enthusiastic and will achieve a lot. But, try to avoid routine and set short goals - otherwise you will get bored.

Aquarius - Bull

Universal man, man - many-sided Janus ... Your outstanding abilities, the equal combination of physical strength and spiritual power will help to achieve everything that you wish in the coming year.

The main thing is not to be shy to broadcast the original ideas that come to your head to the public and not try to jump above your head in an effort to accelerate the achievement of goals. Otherwise, the latter can burn you to the ground and unsettle you for a long time. Look for an outlet in communication with friends, sports and travel.

Aquarius - Tiger

Born in the year of the Tiger, Aquarius, which is interesting, absolutely not conceited and not power-hungry, is a typical "free artist" who does not know how and does not want to work with someone in a bundle and even more so subordinate himself to any routine, duties and other tyagomotin, except on their own whims.

In the coming year, for you - a uniquely subtle and skillful psychologist who can pull a person out of any abyss, stir him up and restore his faith in himself - the golden time will come, because the times for all will stand out, alas, are not easy.

Aquarius - Rabbit

You are changeable, than piss a lot of loving consistent and clearly defined Rat. Of course, some success will be achieved in the coming year - during periods when you will be unprecedentedly active, but then laziness will take over you again and you will either not be able to consolidate your luck in business or you will not develop it properly.

However, you won’t be especially upset because you have never been noticed in careerism - freedom and the opportunity to live in accordance with your ideals are much more important to you. Do not forget that, despite your love to communicate, from time to time it is very useful for you to remain alone with yourself.

Aquarius - Dragon

The variability and inconsistency of your nature more than once or twice in the coming year will confuse others and put the wheels in the wheel for you. Either you will take up business with a fierce onslaught, then you will strike into self-criticism, soften yourself and fade away, and never finish what you started.

Due to even more aggravated mood swings, a sudden change of depression with euphoria, and vice versa, you can lose most of your friends and associates. However, innate resourcefulness, foresight and colossal intuition will help to avoid big troubles.

Aquarius - Snake

You are permanently excessively tense internally, which will not allow you to fully surrender to achieving the goals set for this year. However, it cannot be said that you will not achieve anything at all: there will be successes, and there are many expected, but all in a trifle somehow ...

You will find a use for a bunch of your hidden talents, but part of what you take on is left halfway, because it turns out that what you’ve planned is just too tough for you. Try to devote more time to restoring your psyche, rest and analysis of what is happening, then the level of concentration will increase.

Aquarius - Horse

You are a very multifaceted person with an infinite number of abilities and talents, therefore, the coming year born to the year of the Horse Aquarius read a lot of achievements, interesting activities, vivid emotions and feelings.

You will succeed in any field, regardless of whether you choose the role of an organizer or a slave, take up planning and summing up a theoretical basis for something, or rush to implement everything yourself in practice. At the same time, you will easily find yourself supporters who will invariably be fascinated by your ideas.

Aquarius - Goat

The harsh truth of your life is that you should not think about the instant embodiment of your ideas and aspirations - they are too painful ahead of time and too incomprehensible to others.

In the coming year, you are strongly encouraged to cultivate a more realistic essence, practicality and creativity in yourself, having forgotten for a while about artistry to the place and out of place, unpredictability and dreaminess. The rat expects you to have clear goals, attitudes and ways to solve problems. Otherwise, you will remain vegetated on the sidelines of life until the next favorable period.

Aquarius - Monkey

You are a very holistic and harmonious nature, which will certainly please the mistress of the coming year. Combining ingenuity and peacefulness, ingenuity and dreaminess, activity and the ability to generate exciting ideas, you will achieve fabulous success in any business that you just can’t do.

Fascinated by your charm and charisma, freedom of spirit and independent opinion, you will, like a magnet, attract the people you need in a given situation. And inborn curiosity and excellent adaptability will allow you to fit into any situation organically.

Aquarius - Rooster

Your eccentric behavior and adventurism even a democratic Rat will bring to white heat. However, you are unlikely to notice her dissatisfaction, since, as usual, you will be busy with something sublimely global, necessarily progressive and addressed to the future, and not to contemporaries.

Undoubtedly, your ingenuity, an extraordinary and lively mind will find its application this year, but you cannot say that you will be pleased with the reaction of the environment. Find solace in the pursuit of novelty and discoveries, in generous gifts that will give you no less pleasure than those whom you make happy.

Aquarius - Dog

Luck for you, alas, is over. If, however, something else has been littered in the asset “capsule” and has not yet found its practical application, leave it there, since no significant progress is expected in the near future.

For you personally, the year is well suited for strengthening family relationships, legitimizing them or replenishing them in the house, as well as for self-improvement with "little blood" - without interruption from the main tasks. Do not forget from time to time to give yourself a break and hide from everyone behind the wall of your thoughts - otherwise you will permanently suffer from fatigue.

Aquarius - Pig

Being a spoiled child of fortune in recent years, you, sadly, have finally “lost control”, have become spoiled and lost orientation. However, fate cannot always pour gifts on his head, so get ready in the coming year to take up the mind and bridle your exorbitant ego.

Born in the year of the Pig, Aquarius will have to work hard next year, including on himself, to overpower himself and "get out into the people", starting to collaborate for the common good with those around him. Much will change in their habits and outlook on life, which your innate conservatism will fiercely resist.

We hope that to all our Aquarius readers this horoscope was at least somewhat useful in anticipation of the coming year. And we can only wish them philosophical attitude to everything and remember Solomon’s wisdom that everything passes.

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