The new Lada 4X4 2020 model

Togliatti plan to start serial production of the Lada 4X4 updated to the 2020 model in late 2019 - early 2020. The basis was the Vision concept, which, in truth, made a noise at the 2018 Moscow Motor Show.

It is difficult to say whether this turned out to be a demonstration of the second generation - in relation to this SUV with the succession of generations and the names in general, "everything is complicated." But, for true fans of this real all-terrain vehicle in the body of an SUV, in general, this is not so important. Although AvtoVAZ insists in their releases that this is still the second generation of the Lada 4X4.

Of course, apparently, it will not be that old Niva who was repaired even with crooked hands with the help of a mount and a mother in many hundreds of kilometers from civilization.

This is a very fashionable and spectacular car with which it is not a shame to enter the export markets and successfully compete with classmates in the domestic one. However, we will not torment you anymore and will soon introduce you to the new Lada 4X4!

Exterior and construction

Soplatform with the new Renault Duster (CMFB-LS architecture) update will receive a much more aggressive design with very muscular wing lines and an oversized hood. They are going to put purely diode, stylish narrowed optics, and the front bumper is very reminiscent of either the XRay, or the new Vesta, with their signature X-shaped style, deep and very sharp stampings and cutouts in the back.

In the basic configuration, they promise powerful 21-inch tires. True, in appearance the genetic connection with the predecessor is completely lost, but hardly anyone will grieve over it.

An allusion to the plug-in hybridity of the new motor is originally framed: one side hatch is designed for traditional fueling, and through the second one you can charge the car. The rear doors are opened against movement.

Short overhangs made it possible to significantly work on the stability and maneuverability of the car, and an impressive ground clearance - without difficulty to take any obstacles and the degree of impassability.

New in equipment and interior

In the sports interior, the driver and passenger front seats are separated by a high tunnel. The shape of the steering wheel also surprised a lot: now it is slightly flattened from below and from above. It is not a fact, of course, that the same will be preserved in the serial version, as, incidentally, is the spectacular finish of the seats, but if so, it will be wonderful.

In addition, there is a whole complete set of modern electronics - from the latest generation navigation system and dual-zone climate control, to a large touchscreen and virtual dashboard.


It is interesting that, despite significant changes, the car still did not finally settle in the "SUV" class - in terms of its characteristics, dimensions and appearance, it is more likely closer to the Suzukovsky Jimny or Vitara than to the others. Other key update options are also impressive:

  • 122 hp engine and 1.8 liters with eletropara;
  • Gearbox automatic;
  • bottom protection;
  • length of 4.2m.

It is expected that at the same time they will update the pickup based on the Lada 4X4, as well as its other special versions, such as a long-wheelbase with an additional row of seats or reinforced for increased cross-country ability. It is possible that in order to more economically justify the promotion of the model on the South American market, it will be collected not only at home, but also in Brazil.

Recall that Lada 4X4 is the middle name of the base Niva (VAZ-2121), starting in 2006. And it has always been a very reliable, compact SUV equipped with permanent all-wheel drive. True, in the light of recent updates with a twist of the supporting body, I had to say goodbye. But, in truth, this is not bad, since it could significantly improve the security of the model.

Lada 4X4 2020: photo

Watch the video: 2020 Lada 44 Vision Concept - preview next Niva by Steve Mattin (February 2020).

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