What currency is most profitable to store money in 2020?

Many of our compatriots listen to the advice of well-known financiers and keep their savings according to the "rule of thirds" - classic, and very, very logical. It says that 30% of the money must be kept on a long-term deposit in domestic currency, 30% - in foreign and short-term deposits with the bank, another 30% - in it, but on hand, and the entire balance should be kept in rubles and cash.

This system is very attractive, but does not provide an answer to the question, which of the foreign currencies is better to do? Or even trust in precious metals, precious stones and other materialistic investment instruments? And even completely hit the cryptocurrencies and alternative schemes of the new time?

In a word, there are many questions, and all of them are vital for each of us. After all, one does not want to lose one's “hard-earned" money, often hard to earn, and for which there are so many plans and hopes in the future. This is especially feared by the Russians, who once survived the collapse of the USSR with the fantastic rate of inflation in the 90s, and two more global financial crises and one permanent domestic crisis that has been lasting for many years now ...

Currency Reliability Rating in 2020

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We will not dwell on our own ruble separately: 40% of savings, knowing the inconsistency of the course of our authorities and the deservedly deprived banking system, is the maximum that we can offer him. And then, this is in case of large unforeseen expenses in the future, as well as to provide a reliable airbag, if suddenly the foreign policy climate cools completely, and they say goodbye to the dollar at the state level.

In foreign currencies, remembering that you cannot keep their entire volume in the bank in any case (read above about the unpredictability of policies and the possibility of financial institutions at the time to decide on freezing deposits and deposits), it remains to be decided who, nevertheless, deserves more trust.

Definitely not worth investing in currencies from the end of the value rating. It:

  • Iranian rial (112 thousand to 1 USD);
  • Vietnamese Dong (23 thousand to 1 USD);
  • Indonesian rupee (14 thousand to 1 USD);
  • Guinean franc (9 thousand to 1 USD);
  • Lao bale (8.5 thousand to 1 USD);
  • leone from Sierra Leone (8 thousand to 1 USD);
  • Uzbek sum (8 thousand to 1 USD);
  • Paraguayan guarani (6 thousand to 1 USD);
  • Cambodian riel (4 thousand to 1 USD);
  • Ugandan shilling (3 thousand to 1 USD).

Not so long ago, the detached Venezuelan bolivar, the Sao Tome and Principe currency and the Belarusian ruble likewise in the long run do not deserve trust in any way. So, if you are not going to go there soon, we do not recommend storing money in them.

As for the leaders of the world currency market, as always, on top of the Bretton Woods system, His Majesty the United States dollar. Yes, it’s the one that saved our wallets in the 90s from rapidly decreasing rubles. It is a universal world currency, accepted in most countries and freely convertible in most parts of the world into national equivalents.

US Economy Growth Over Years

In second place in terms of adequacy and popularity, of course, the euro - nevertheless, we have very close ties with Europe, if anything, there is always the opportunity to spend them, and in terms of stability, this currency is easily equal to the American dollar. And at the rate he even always overtakes: 1.14: 1, at the moment. By the way, according to analysts, in 2020 the euro will strengthen significantly against the dollar, 7 percent so - so seize the moment! You can make good money.

In third place we can name several currencies from the largest and most stable economies in the world, in principle, accepted by our banks, but very narrowly targeted in their application. It:

  • Australian dollar (approximately 0.73: 1 USD: AUD);
  • Canadian dollar (0.75: 1);
  • British pound (1.26: 1);
  • Swiss franc (1.04: 1);
  • Japanese yen (1: 109.77).

It is noteworthy that the value of one unit of several “oil” currencies significantly exceeds the cost of one dollar: the Kuwaiti dinar, the Bahraini dinar, the Omani rial and the Jordanian dinar. However, they are not freely convertible, are pegged to the USD, so if you are not closely associated with these countries and are not able to specifically spend money there, it is better to refrain from saving in them.

Gold as an investment tool

Currently, 1 troy ounce of gold (31.1 g.) Costs 1326.1 dollars. However, the value of this asset is usually very unstable: during a couple of months, prices can fluctuate within even 5-6% of changes. By 2020, analysts speculate that at the beginning of the year we will enter at a price of $ 1,288 per tonne, and at the end of the year the cost will already be 1,422. Note that December 2020 will be the peak of prices until December 2021 - January 2022 And buying gold in the coming year is better in the month of April - there will be the lowest price (1236 - 3.4% drop compared to the beginning of the year), if you do not have time to do it at the bottom of 2019, in November.

Gold price by years

But, it is worth considering that today gold prices are completely untied from the concept of providing world currencies - this is more a speculative paraphy, an answer to the challenges of jewelry and other specialized sub-markets. In 2011-2015 the world was fascinated by the news that by 2020, the price per ounce would jump to almost 5 thousand, and gold would become a truly unique investment tool, even diamond jumped. However, the closer we are to the coming year, the less hope there remains.

By the way, at the same time, the forecast for diamonds can be very positive - the matter is the massive closure of several large mining mines and the depletion of some of the colored subspecies.

Dynamics of diamond prices by years

The fact that gold will not increase significantly in price is evidenced by the fact that China, for example, intends to increase its gold production by 11% by 2020, and, naturally, to put it into foreign trade as well. At the same time, according to world statistics, metal consumption is reduced by 5-7% annually. The conclusion suggests itself: as a short-term investment, gold is great, but you need to clearly capture the moments when you should buy and when to sell. Long-term plans are better associated with diamonds and other rarities.

Should you rely on cryptocurrencies?

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More recently, the main cryptocurrencies spoiled with dizzying take-offs, then stable, but still tangible growth. Against this background, many have the idea to start earning money on them. But, I think, it’s not worth reminding the basic and very banal rule of investing that you need to buy at a minimum and sell at a maximum. The fact is that for those who were going to buy cryptocurrencies, the train of specific capital multiplication, as they say, left ... You could somehow talk about them as a way to save money until 2017, but only during its course bitcoin, for example, grew 2.5 times. Therefore, buying up clearly no longer made sense.

In addition, if we consider the dynamics of price changes in 2018-2019, it will be a serious increase at the beginning of 2018 - up to 11 thousand dollars, but at the beginning of 2019 this was only 3.4 thousand. Therefore, those who did not have time to “merge” their savings in bitcoins last year, unfortunately, can only sympathize. The fate of ethereum was also sad: from 1000 to 100. So this is also obviously not an option. The rest at the moment similarly show a steady decline.

In general, for cryptocurrencies, if you intend to invest in them, you need to wait for the moment when the currency becomes known and stable (it is advisable, of course, to do this at the beginning of its appearance on the market) - you need to track it for 230 days. Calculate the average value for this period and wait for its current price to exceed this threshold - this will be the perfect time to enter the market for buying. After waiting exactly one year and selling all the leftovers clean. It’s dangerous to keep longer, according to the well-known Pantera Capital investment fund, which is consistently earning on different cryptocurrencies. But whether to follow their recommendations is a personal matter for everyone.

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