Residency Reform 2019-2020

In the career of every doctor who seeks to improve his professional level, residency is of particular importance. It should be noted that the residency in 2019-2020 will undergo changes. News of this is based on a reform of the government.

The need for reform in 2019-2020

The Ministry of Health has long been preoccupied with issues such as:

  • Lack of qualified doctors in the villages.
  • Weak training of doctors of narrow specialties.
  • The uneven distribution of students wishing to qualify in various areas of medical education.

Changes in the residency provide for the features of this stage of training:

  • In 2019-2020, the stage will become more accessible for budget students.
  • Points will be awarded, which should be a way to attract specialists to remote areas.
  • It is supposed to regulate the number of specialists in some branches of medicine. This will depend on the need for those or other specialists in each individual medical institution in Russia.

On admission to residency

It is known that in 2016 the internship was abolished. In this regard, many doctors can engage in narrow specialization only in residency. However, the residency reform of 2019-2020 involves the entry into this stage of training of a limited number of future specialists. Place in a prestigious medical school will be available to students who have passed testing in a certain form, and scored additional points. The total score as a result will be a decisive factor.

The rules for passing exams for admission to residency will not change. The test will consist of 60 tasks. To guarantee admission, the test must be passed by at least 70%.

Ball system

Young specialists had a reasonable question: why, having high test results, not everyone could test their fate and enter residency? The fact is that more often places were provided for students who belong to preferential categories. When concluding contracts with a particular medical institution, the university sent a certain number of doctors to work. Most of them are targeted students. According to the new reform, specialists with experience in the village or village will have the advantage.

Points are awarded for certain merits. In this regard, in 2019-2020, the following students will have the opportunity to enter the residency:

Number of pointsWho gets
15Those who graduated with honors from a Russian medical university
20Who received the scholarship of the President of the country
10 and every three years for 5Those who have 1-3 years of experience as a pharmacist or in another specialty after a secondary medical institution
12 and every two years for 5Who has experience from 9 months to 2 years as a pharmacist or in another specialty after a higher medical institution

10 points awarded for work experience
Those who work in a village or village
No more than 15For volunteering or other merit in the field of medicine

For medical workers who wish to enter residency but do not have financial resources, the new reform will provide an opportunity to earn extra points while working in a village or village. And for residents it is good, and workers will gain not only experience, but also additional points. In addition, it is planned to increase budget vacancies at prestigious universities in the country.

Target agreement

The new reform provides for the entry into the residency for 2019 of free training for those specialists who enter into an agreement with one of the country's medical institutions. However, in cities this is difficult to do. Therefore, a real chance to take advantage of the program is a job placement in rural hospitals.

In addition, this document involves working out within 3 years after graduation from the institution with which the contract is concluded. Otherwise, you will have to pay a large amount of the fine.


Those who managed to enter free residency training will have to pass the test. It will consist of the following steps:

  1. The test of knowledge of the theory.
  2. Test for knowledge of the chosen specialty.
  3. Clinical Thinking Test.

Opinions and comments

Based on practical feedback from students who are already working on the new program, several key points can be highlighted:

  • Not always in medical institutions a mentor is assigned for young specialists.
  • In rural clinics, old medical workers help to master.
  • There are facts that young professionals have to do more paperwork than training.
  • Mentors do not always have a sufficient level of knowledge in specialization.

Young specialists are counting on a new reform. Most students are ready to solve difficult problems. The main thing is that there should be opportunities for growth. The tools provided by the program are interesting and effective. How they will work, time will tell.

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