Horoscope for 2020 for the Tiger: women and men

To expect simplicity and friendliness from the relationship between a huge cat and a small rodent is pure absurdity. There is no doubt that communication between the Tiger and the Rat is filled with vivid emotions. Passion will rage with frantic force, and getting a successful union from these two animals is almost unrealistic. However, the eastern horoscope for 2020 for the Tiger has every chance to bring with it many joyful moments, provide striped predators with many reasons for pride in themselves.

Characteristic Tiger Sign

Unambiguous personal qualities in people who appeared under the auspices of the Tiger are not observed. All of them have different features, which are essentially opposite. Some are characterized by a calm disposition, but others are a real volcano, quick-tempered and impulsive. Decent, courageous and honest people are opposed to self-confident, conceited stubborn people. If we turn to Chinese mythology, the Tigers acted as defenders, able to protect against demons and fears. Horoscope, like ancient philosophers, calls for respect for these predators. All representatives of the eastern sign are endowed with a solid character, and they only dream of a quiet life. Extremely sentimental and sensitive, they risk making a rash decision, becoming irritable and aggressive.

As natural leaders, they can succeed in absolutely any field. Often they become owners of their own business, occupy leadership positions. They love to be in the spotlight, always leave an indelible mark on their interlocutors. Tigers easily manage to find a common language with others, and besides, they are helped by an attractive appearance. For the sake of loved ones, they show restraint and patience, although they prefer to take the position of leader in the family. The second half should be economic. Demands are high, but they can work hard to satisfy them.

What awaits the Tigers in 2020

There is a lot in common between the Mistress of the year - the White Metal Rat - and the Tiger. Both of these sacred animals have increased ambitions, they cannot live without the attention of others. A distinctive tiger feature is courage, it impresses the Rat. Despite the ability to get what you want without much difficulty, you will not have to sit in one place, but to move forward. The horoscope for the Tiger for the whole of 2020, promises them that there’s almost no need to relax, and the life schedule will be saturated. Over the next 12 months, this eastern sign will be able to take off, as if using a springboard. This will help to achieve fantastic success, and the Rat will render all possible assistance. However, in response, she will demand an extremely honest fight, without cunning moves and meanness. You will succeed both in work and in love.

Lonely Tigers will meet the second half, but manipulating other people's feelings is a bad idea, there is a great risk of a break in relations. Family members will try to find time to communicate with family, tearing it away from professional tasks. But the marginal workload will create financial stability, and with the costs everything will go without surprises. For most, such wealth will seem like a miracle, but the Tigers themselves know that they worked hard and hard.

Horoscope for men

Brutal machos of this sign have nobility, are active in everything, energetic. It is impossible to resist these beauties, and communication with them does not pass without a trace. Stubborn and purposeful, he will become a dangerous rival. Year 2020 predicts stable success in all matters. By showing perseverance, you can achieve career growth. In love, men Tigers will show nobility, reduce the degree of selfishness, cease to consider themselves the center of the universe. But, if you return to the manner of arrogance, it is real to receive punishment from the Rat. By the end of the year, energy resources will decline, a full vacation is required. It is best to relax in warm countries to get a positive charge.

Horoscope for women

Kitty, she is a wild Tigress - the ultimate dream of any man. Her willpower, sensuality and sharp mind attract her. It is impossible to remain indifferent to her thirst for life and emotionality. It is a pity, but the realization of one’s own attractiveness leads to the appearance of egocentrism among women. If there is not enough determination, serious problems are inevitable. Tigers who do not feel the urge to work will not be able to earn enough money. In general, women will have many experiences in personal relationships.

Astroprognosis 2020, distinguishes summer as the most successful period for the whole year. It is on summer days that a supply of energy will appear, and emotions will whip over the edge. Romance will fill all spheres, but you will have to show care and attention. To make others feel attracted, you need to moderate selfishness and impulsiveness.

Love horoscope

In love, the Rat is ready to provide all kinds of help, to give harmony and idyll. It’s hardly to be bored and sad in 2020, there will be almost no conflicts, and there will be no room for quarrels. Loners will reunite with their ideals, and dreams will become a reality. Many will have a chance to start a family. When it comes to true love, the Tiger shows malleability and gentleness. In a family it is better to seek a compromise, not to insist on being right. Jealousy must completely disappear, otherwise even a strong union can not survive. Pride and excessive pride can destroy a marriage, it is worth respecting the opinion of a loved one.

Money horoscope

Accustomed to live in abundance, predators love money and masterfully earn it. Tigers hate to limit themselves in spending; they like to receive all possible material benefits. 2020 is ready to provide them with comfortable conditions, providing enough money. But the representatives of this sign must be hardworking, apply diligence, and not take away from additional work. It is time to achieve dreams, and even small plans can come true. The initiative is welcome, but it is better to refuse thoughtless spending of money. Before a major purchase, you should think many times.

Horoscope of health

The body of the Tigers does not promise any special disorders and illnesses, unless you experience intense stress. Any chronic fatigue can cause problems in the work of the heart and blood vessels, chronic sores in the stomach and intestines. Timely rest helps to avoid ailments and difficulties. Competent prevention and a love of sports will ensure tiger health for all 12 months. Exercise is incredibly important for people with a sedentary lifestyle. At the same time, normal charging is enough for a tonus, and you don’t need to buy a gym membership at all. Procedures with a restorative effect, for example, massage and a bath, will fill you with strength, distract from experiences.

If you do not listen to the advice of the horoscope, deviations in mental activity are possible, and a feeling of tiredness is fraught with depression. And overwork will not allow you to live a full life. An ideal option would be to take a vitamin course, proper nutrition, walks in the fresh air. Tigers love themselves, and will never allow sores to overshadow their existence.

Famous people born in the year of the Tiger

Men of this sign who have left their mark on history: Ivan the Terrible, Karl Marx, Marco Polo, Herbert Wells, Leonardo DiCaprio. Among the women distinguished: Marilyn Monroe, Agatha Christie, Demi Moore and Jodie Foster.

With the advent of the metallic Rat, all the signs of the zodiac will have to show diligence and honesty. But for the Tigers, such a task is not problematic, because they always demonstrate a lot of positive qualities. Although, if you do not move away from the habit of considering yourself better than others, you can scare others. To be simpler and not to lift your nose is the minimum task for all 12 months. If you make an effort, and be rational, success will certainly come!

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