Earth Hour 2020

Ecology is the most important area of ​​human life that determines the safety and reliability of being on planet Earth. However, the anthropogenic impact on nature is so disastrous that the environmental crisis may soon break out. Seeing the appalling situation with excessive energy consumption, activists decided to arrange a special holiday, which takes place annually around the world.

When will the Earth Hour be in 2020

You should not look for the date of this event in the calendar, since the number is not fixed. The only main rule for determining the date is the last Saturday in the month of March. When the month of March comes to an end, and one Saturday remains to the end, it becomes the day for such an hour. The time of day is always evening, and falls on the period from 20:30 to 21:30 local time.

In 2020, Earth Hour falls on March 28, Saturday.

Responsible attitude to nature can be a very simple matter if every earthling makes it a rule to save energy, save water, and help in sorting garbage. It is especially important to maintain such an environmental movement as Earth Hour and turn off the lights for at least 60 minutes on the last Saturday of March.

A bit of history

Not all Russians even heard about Earth Hour, and only a few know about its history. But the holiday is celebrated in a large number of countries of the world! The solemn day determines the attitude of people to the planet, the careful use of resources. Thus, humanity is trying to reduce pollution. This action can be considered a very young event, which did not have time to collect many anniversary lines. So in 2017, an environmental action marked the first decade, and the organizers do not intend to stop there.

The prerequisites for the appearance of the Earth Hour were the problems that arise in countries that were abundantly spending energy. The holiday initiative came from the World Wide Fund for Nature. It was 2007, and together with the Sydney Morning newspaper, environmentalists conducted the first action, called Earth Hour. Thus, they sought to draw public attention to environmental problems, and to protect nature.

With its appearance, triumph helps to solve some problems: reducing energy consumption, reducing emissions into the environment. The level of environmental education among ordinary citizens is also increasing. Attracting attention to real troubles and cataclysms avoids fatal consequences.

What is the essence of the event

The symbol of the event is the number 60+, which means that an hour without light can be increased at the request of any person. And the essence of the campaign is not only in turning off the light, but in the unity of peoples against the destruction of the planet. Earth Hour - the foundation, a kind of foundation for other actions and processions related to nature. The question of energy saving is becoming a key one, various conferences and lectures on this important topic are being held.

The light at this hour is turned off at all cultural sites, and in socially significant places. Of course, so that energy is saved, but it is much more important to reduce the level of harmful emissions. Indeed, in the process of generating electricity, solid fuel is burned, and combustion products enter the atmosphere. Nobody is forced to turn off the light, and participation in the action is everyone's personal business. Residents of an apartment building, office owners, and other citizens can simply turn off the lights for one hour.

Every year more and more countries and peoples are trying to join this event. The Eiffel Tower - the most lighted in the world - also turns off its lights during Earth Hour. The only objects not extinguishing at this hour are fire stations, police stations, traffic lights and other places that ensure safety.

Events and Rules

To become a part of a huge business is very simple, just visit the website of the World Wildlife Fund and get acquainted with all the requirements there. On the network, you can issue a virtual application for participation, and get a personal certificate. Of course, all papers are educational in nature, and do not imply any monetary rewards. This symbolic action is called to unite people among themselves, and to focus on ecology.

As part of the program, meetings are held for the protection of reserves, actions for the processing and sorting of garbage and other thematic events. The administration of the Earth Hour calls to change ourselves, and through the right actions to maintain the well-being of the Earth. The globe needs the personal contribution of every citizen. If all of humanity abides by simple rules, then the environment will be much safer.

When buying products, you should choose products with a minimum of packaging. Water should not flow uncontrollably; it should only be opened if necessary. Paper should be used sparingly, because it is made of wood. Animals and birds are friends of man, and it is better to buy farm products. The action calls for participating in the landscaping of parks, restoring the number of wild animals, sorting garbage.

Watch the video: Expo 2020 l Earth Hour (March 2020).

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