Christmas time in 2020

Christmas time - is an incredibly mysterious and mysterious holiday, fraught with a sense of approaching miracles. There is something magical, joyful and difficult to explain in the Christmas time. In Russia, from ancient times, this period was devoted to merry games, songs, relaxation, and even magical fortune telling. In general, Christmas time is considered the days that fall between the holidays, that is, the period between two solemn events: Christmas and Epiphany.

Christmas time 2020: when do they begin

Holy days always always have a fixed start and end date, it does not need to be calculated, since Christmas time always falls on numbers corresponding to large January holidays. Since the Nativity of Christ is always celebrated on January 7, and Baptism is January 19, there are 12 days between them and Christmas time. Ancestors determined the beginning of the Christmas time from the first Christmas star, and the end was associated with the consecration of water for Baptism.

Christmas time in 2020 will begin from the evening of January 6 and they will last until the evening of January 18.

The beginning of the holy week required a special meeting, based on only good and good deeds. It is required these days to give alms, to visit relatives, especially to visit those who have not been to for a long time.

It is very important to devote time to the sick and needy, to help orphans. Even giving gifts to the Christmas time is a necessary and important matter, as it helps to demonstrate respect and love.

Folk traditions and rites

However, gifts for Christmas time do not occupy a key position, it is much more important to observe ancient traditions and perform urgent rites. For all 12 days, absolutely no work can be done. It is forbidden to wash, clean the house, clean the yard and do other household manipulations. Free time should be devoted to fun festivities, sleigh rides and triples, and other entertainments. Special attention should be paid to the wedding table, which must be made with dishes without leaving any free space. The meal for Christmas time should be plentiful and rich. Among the obligatory foods are kutya, pancakes, pies, nuts and honey.

Not a single Russian holiday has so many mystical traditions. Moreover, this is the only period when the church does not prohibit, but allows fortune telling. True, knowing your fate is a way of entertainment, and you should not believe in the results of fortune-telling.

As for the holy rites, then everyone knows the carols, that is, processions of people dressed up in fairy-tale costumes. The mummers can put on any clothes, even portray unclean forces. The whole collective of carols walks between the houses, and looks to visit all the residents. They show the owners a little idea, in return receiving sweets, money or treats. According to ancient tradition, the mummers had to be cordially welcomed, and generously treated, so that there was prosperity in the house. Anyone who expels the mummers, or does not want to give anything, will live in grief and misfortune.

Divine Fortune Telling

What, in addition to guys, can interest young girls? Of course, there are many such interests, but the opportunity to get married is an important topic for holy fortune-telling. Answering girl’s requests, Christmas time provides a chance to find out the name of the bridegroom, and even try to see his face. At Christmas time, girls usually gather in a large company, away from relatives, and prepare all the necessary items in advance. For fortune telling, candles are necessary, preferably church ones, mirrors, other people's wedding rings and other attributes.

Wax, as a rule, was melted in a spoon, and sharply poured into a container with cold water. When the figure froze, it was taken out, examined, and tried to understand what happened. Among fortune telling, threading hair through a ringlet, weaving straw dolls, walking in a bath with mirrors, and many others are popular. Often, girls walked along the street and asked for names from the first men they met. It was believed that the future name will be called and the future spouse.

The Russian people love and know how to relax, even for 12 days everyone finds entertainment and fun activities. Young people love Christmas time for the opportunity not to help around the house, and to guess for the future. While adults love festive feasts, with noisy gatherings, loud songs, dances and carols. Christmas time allow you to show talent, and discard shyness, walking around other people's homes in a motley mixed dress.

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