Wolf Messing Predictions for 2020

Skilled artist, psychiatrist, illusionist and hypnotist, Messing Wolf G., a truly strange and mysterious person. And the matter is not even in his abilities, which were repeatedly questioned, but in the stories and legends about him and his life that have grown around him. On stage, people succumbed to his hypnotic abilities, jumped, jumped at his request, he made many predictions, as many claim. They say Wolf Messing's predictions for 2020 were very true. Is this so or just another invention of people inspired by a popular personality, you can find out from various sources to figure it out.

Mysterious person or ordinary Jewish boy

Messing's biography is a mystery. Finding a plausible story of his life is very difficult. Firstly, almost all data, archives, records in Europe during the Second World War were destroyed and it is difficult to trace the fate of a person from the very beginning. Therefore, the story of Wolf’s childhood and youth is mainly based on his information, which he himself preferred to tell.

Wolf Messing was born on February 10, 1899 in the Warsaw province of the Russian Empire. His family was very poor, in addition to him, his parents raised three more sons.

They had to work a lot, because there was not enough money. At age 14, Wolf escapes from home in Burling. On the way to the train, an accident occurred, the boy was traveling without a ticket, and when the controller approached him, Wolf gave him the crumpled paper and began to peer very closely. The controller said nothing and simply went on. In Berlin, I had to earn extra money at various jobs, but there was always not enough money, I was always starving. One fine day, the boy simply fainted from hunger and could not wake up for 3 days. Somewhere it is written that he spent three days in the morgue, and someone claims that he simply lay in a swoon. After this incident, he got to the famous psychiatrist Abel.

The psychiatrist began to study the boy’s abilities, he was sure that the child has supernatural abilities. Later he got into the circus and toured with him for a long time. He convinced people that he could read their thoughts, and that, with the help of hypnosis, he could make them do unimaginable things.

After the outbreak of World War II, in 1939, Messing fled to the territory of the Soviet Union. It is not clear how he gets into the propaganda team, which gives tours throughout the union. Then he receives the title of artist of the State Concert and already independently tours the country. Wolf Messing received a lot of money for his performances.

So many rumors and myths appeared about his personality that people came to his performances to just look at him, and were so fascinated by his personality cult that they themselves helped him in his speeches.

The hoaxer himself claimed that his abilities were scientific opportunities. He was able to read information from people's faces or holding their hands, this helped him to see and feel muscle contractions, thanks to which he guessed this or that information.

But some argue that his predictions, said publicly, also came true:

  • He predicted the end of World War II, at the European Pole - May 8, 1945;
  • At a speech at the club, the NKVD said that in the future he saw tanks with red stars on the streets of Berlin;
  • He predicted that Stalin would die on a Jewish holiday. The date of Joseph Stalin's death is March 5, 1953, just on that day there was a Jewish holiday, Purim, the salvation of Jews from extermination in the Persian Empire.

In 1965, a book was purportedly autobiographical about the life of Messing. in which there were a lot of inventions about the personality, which further fueled interest in him. The famous hypnotist himself did not claim that the events in the book were true, but neither did he deny them.

On November 8, 1974, Wolf Messing died of a long illness and was buried at the Vostryakovsky cemetery in Moscow.

In the Soviet Union, he was truly a cult person; he was adored by the whole country.

Predictions for Russia

He could not ignore in his predictions that country, which, in fact, turned out to be his second Motherland. He loved Russia very much and always wished her well.

Messing was sure that a new leader would come who could gain respect from the leaders of other countries, who would have great authority. He didn’t say exactly what year such a person might appear, perhaps this person has already appeared, Putin has great authority among other countries. Or maybe such a person has yet to appear.

By the beginning of 2020, Wolf saw that Russia would not have the easiest period. At this point, you need to be prepared, the country needs to carry out a number of economic reforms. It is necessary to rely on innovative technologies, the future is behind them. And those who will be guided by the old principles will face a big failure. It is imperative to develop agronomy, industry, relying on natural resources alone is not worth it, it could ruin the country.

The forecaster also saw that in the future it would be necessary to carefully conduct business with the United States and China. And if the United States openly expresses its negative attitude towards our country, then China will hide it. Each of the countries will increase its potential and will want to become the only leader in the global market. But the power of the United States will soon weaken, perhaps this will be due to the departure of President Trump or the fact that this country is constantly interfering in the politics of other countries, as, for example, is now experiencing a new wave of intervention by the United States of Venezuela. Which in the end will weaken their potential.

In military conflicts, Russia will act as a peacemaker. As it is now happening in Syria.

What awaits Ukraine

It is difficult to say for sure whether Messing made predictions for Ukraine. Literally, it is not indicated anywhere that he means Ukraine. Moreover, at the time of his life there was a USSR, which included both Russia and Ukraine.

Some argue that the clairvoyant saw for Ukraine a new leader who will be either from Europe or will have great support from European countries.

The war in the East will not end completely.

Predictions for the world at large - will there be war

In an atmosphere of constant conflict in the world of different countries, thoughts about the beginning of the Third World War.

Wolf Messing was repeatedly asked about the beginning of this war. He was sure that nothing would happen and certainly it would not begin in 2020. He saw that local conflicts would occur. They will arise on the basis of the confrontation of different nationalities, the division of natural resources.

In many countries, revolutions will occur and power will change. In place of the old corrupt politicians will come new leaders.

Wolf G. always opposed the fact that his capabilities were considered something supernatural. He said that his experiments are understandable from the point of view of modern science. Messing never believed in God and was an avid atheist. Most often, in his speeches he was guided by the technique of “reading muscles”, which has nothing that can lie beyond human knowledge.

In 1965, his memoirs were published, which were written by journalist Mikhail Khvastunov. They simply blew up the audience, since it was there that it was told what inhuman capabilities Messing has, that he met with Einstein, that Hitler asked for his head 200 thousand crowns and many other absurd facts. Subsequently, it was proved that the events described in the book were fabricated.

Perhaps Wolf Messing said something about future events, but to say one hundred percent that this is really impossible. Because these were just the assumptions of an ordinary artist.

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