New Year's tours 2020 from St. Petersburg

The high level of professionalism of travel companies, consisting of many years of experience, allows you to choose a vacation option that you yourself could not organize, especially since all the hotels in the world are trying to attract their guests with the delights of holding the fabulous New Year 2020.

There are many ways to celebrate the New Year, someone is a supporter of a quiet family feast, someone wants to meet every year in a new unusual atmosphere. The best option in this case is a trip to your beloved country or abroad, such a vacation will bring a great mood, emotions, broaden your horizons, help you find new friends or visit old ones, and leave unforgettable moments in your memory. And the fairy tale, which is presented by the main holiday of winter, will contribute to your good pastime, you just want to!

New Year tours from St. Petersburg to Russia

When all the vast and great sights and places in the northern capital of Russia have already been submitted to you and you are ready for new experiences, you should go on a trip to the most interesting places of the country and meet there the most beloved holiday of most people on the planet. Russia is especially beautiful in winter, and no matter what city you are in, you get the feeling that you are at home, but the house is so versatile and diverse that you want to recognize it again and again, especially since there are similarities and similarities in different parts of the country the differences are surprisingly interesting, but all one has in common - a joyous celebration of faith and hope - New Year.

From St. Petersburg in Russia, the most popular New Year tours are presented in the table

Tour NameCost, rubles, / personDescription
On a visit to the Viper Vasilievna

(3 days)

15 890Route: Kimry-Gadovo-Tver-Staritsa-Bernovo-Domotkanovo-Torzhok-Prutnya.

The price includes: accommodation, meals, transportation, excursions, guide services.

Accommodation for 1 person: 1-bed standard room

New Year in Vladimir

(3 days)

17 990Route: along the Golden Ring of Russia Vladimir - Suzdal.

The price includes: accommodation, meals, New Year's banquet, festive dinner on January 1, transportation, guide services, excursions, tickets to museums.

Accommodation for 1 person: standard single room

New Year holidays in Kaliningrad (7 days)21 000Route: Kaliningrad-Svetlogorsk-Curonian spit-Baltiysk

The tour price includes: Transportation and excursion service, hotel accommodation, meals - 6 breakfasts, entrance fees, environmental fees. New Year's dinner is an additional paid service. Lunches are paid additionally on request on the spot - 300 rubles.

Accommodation for 1 person: standard single room

New Year in Pereslavl Zalessky

(3 days)

18 990Route:

The tour price includes: accommodation, meals, New Year's banquet with a program, street festivities in the Berendey House, transportation, tours with tickets and guide services

Accommodation for 1 person: 1-bed room "Standard"

New Year tours in Russia are inexpensive and great for families with children.

New Year 2020 in Veliky Ustyug

There are many places in Russia where you can great celebrate the New Year, but the most popular is Veliky Ustyug. This magical and fabulous city is the heart of the winter holidays. If you want to give your children an unforgettable vacation and yourself to be delighted, then this place will give you the most vivid positive emotions.

In this city you can see:

  1. All the diversity of Russian culture;
  2. Sights;
  3. Residence of Santa Claus;
  4. Museums and many interesting places.

At the same time, prices for tours to Veliky Ustyug from St. Petersburg will be affordable for any average-income citizen.

The table shows the corresponding tours with accommodation

Tour NameThe cost of rub., / Person.Description
New Year in Veliky Ustyug with accommodation at the cottage of Santa Claus (4 days)24 950Accommodation, meals, New Year's banquet, excursions, wine tastings, barbecue, master classes, winter games.

Separately paid sweet gift and banana ride

New Year in Veliky Ustyug (4 days)12 950Accommodation, meals, festive dinner, excursions. Sweet gift paid separately

Many tourists prefer to stay in a cottage. Renting a house in this city will cost about 2,000 to 17,000 rubles. depending on comfort conditions and number of people.

European New Year

Europe is interesting, diverse, majestic with a rich history and interesting folk traditions. Meeting the main holiday of winter there will allow you to fill your vacation with new good impressions and will be remembered for a lifetime. You should not always give preference to only one city, travel, be surprised, be interested and your life will be brighter!

Tours from St. Petersburg to Europe for the New Year 2020 are presented in the table

Tour NameCostDescription
New Year's Eve from Dusseldorf to Strasbourg on the TV / ALEMANNIAFrom 810 euros for 8 daysTraveling with a program along the route: Dusseldorf - Koblenz - Mannheim - Strasbourg - Speyer - Mainz - Boppard - Bonn - Cologne - Dusseldorf. New Year's banquet is included in the price
New Year in SpainFrom 630 Euro for 8 daysA fascinating journey through Spain with the celebration of the New Year and a New Year's gift
New Year in ParisFrom 29 900 rubles in 10 daysThe route from St. Petersburg - Helsinki - Stockholm - Amsterdam - Paris (4 days) - Brussels - Lubeck - Stockholm - Turku - St. Petersburg. The price includes New Year's Eve
Italy classicFrom 543 euros for 8 daysRome - Naples - Pompeii - Florence - Montecatine - Pisa - Siena - Venice - Rimini - San Mario. Departure from St. Petersburg

It should be noted that if you use the early booking of tours, their prices will be lower than if you buy them immediately before departure.

Czech Republic or Cuba, winter or summer for the New Year

There are 2 categories of people: those who are waiting for the snow-covered magic holiday of winter and those who love the sun, summer and hot dances even on December 31 - in the heart of winter. The first can visit the most popular city for New Year's Eve - Prague (Czech Republic) and immerse themselves in the New Year's fairy tale. The second - to Cuba, no less popular place for an incendiary and exciting vacation.

The cost of tours for the New Year 2020 from St. Petersburg to the Czech Republic and Cuba is presented in the table

Tour NameAccommodationCost
To the Czech Republic
New Year's tour7 days 6 nightsFrom 429 Euro
New Year Tour8 days 7 nightsFrom 457 Euro
New Year in Prague9 days 8 nightsFrom 482 Euro
To Cuba
Havana11 days 11 nightsFrom 89 872 to 96 856 rub.
Kayo Coco11 days 11 nightsFrom 82 866 to 145 108 rub.
Holgin7 days 7 nightsFrom 114 947 to 142 502 rub.
  • Please check with official representatives for exact prices.

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