New Year 2020 in Kazan

The most magical holiday that every person on the planet, namely the New Year, is looking forward to, probably brings a lot of joy and warmth. For some, the day of this holiday is a kind of “zero kilometer” of life, and many make plans, dream and gain strength and energy in order to improve their life, fill it with bright colors and positive moments. It is not in vain that the New Year is celebrated from the end of December until mid-January, because winter would have been monotonous and duty without anticipation of the New Year holidays. Often, to diversify their lives, people celebrate this holiday in places where they have not been.

Spending the New Year in Kazan is a wonderful decision that no one will regret!

How to spend the New Year holidays

On the eve of the holiday, Kazan is so filled with the atmosphere of the New Year that you will feel all the charm of the celebrated event. Today, many, especially adults, complain that they do not feel the holiday is approaching, do not experience past emotions filled with magic, miracle, indefatigable energy. However, in this city it is able to awaken in you these dying feelings of joy. To spend the New Year at a decent level for yourself, be sure to decide where to go. Here are some places you should visit:

  1. The main tree of the city. This place will immediately charge you with New Year's energy!
  2. The main attractions of the city, in the new year they are especially compelling and will help to get into a fairy tale.
  3. Book a table or lounge (depending on your company) in a restaurant or cafe in the city. Each similar institution in the New Year arranges a real holiday, all the scenery and the efforts of the administrators will create the necessary atmosphere for the New Year's Eve.
  4. The main square of the city at the time of the fireworks. Salutes in Kazan are incredibly beautiful.

Where to stay for guests

Of course, in order for a vacation in the city to be 100% complete, you need to decide on a hotel room. Depending on your budget, Kazan will select a lot of options for your stay. If you have such means that you can pay from 600 to 2000 rubles per day per person, then hostels Raccoon, Cat on the roof, Deputy Deputy and others will do; A budget from 2000 to 3000 will allow you to rent a hotel room with a wide range of features and services. Citizens who are able to pay an amount of more than 3,000 rubles can count on hotels with all-inclusive status. Most hotels recreate themed scenery on their territory, which also helps the holiday to penetrate your hearts. It is important to consider the following points:

  • early booking of rooms is welcome, because before the new year prices will rise significantly or you may not get a room in the selected hotel, as they will simply be sorted out.
  • be sure to check whether it is possible to check in with animals, since not every hotel provides such an opportunity;
  • try to choose a hotel closer to the center so that you can catch a salute if you celebrate New Year in the room, which is, of course, rare.

Other places to relax

Recently, the city’s sanatoriums have been of great interest, especially in winter. You can relax for the New Year inexpensively and with health benefits. The most popular following motels:

  • Yang;
  • Pearl;
  • Bakirovo;
  • Vasilievsky;
  • Cool;
  • Livadia.

In many resorts you can stay in hotel-type rooms, in which everything is really all-inclusive and you will remember the New Year for a long time and want to return there again and again.

Useful tips for tourists

Everyone chooses for himself a way to celebrate the New Year, but be sure to celebrate it in Kazan at least once in a lifetime, or rather, in 2020! Often there is no time to engage in the holiday program ourselves and today there is a large selection of tour operators who will help to realize your ideas.


Watch the video: New year fireworks kazan (March 2020).

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