New Year's tours from Moscow 2020

Celebrating New Year 2020 in a cottage will be remembered forever and you will want to celebrate this day the next time. A cozy home atmosphere, but at the same time unusual and interesting, will bring variety, ideas and dreams to life, and this is the key to the proper conduct of the holiday.

When the soul and heart asks for a holiday and unusual life moments, it is urgent to start with an unforgettable New Year celebration, because as you meet it, you will spend it, as the people say. Removing a cottage in a place remote from home, different from the usual environment and the city, will be a great solution that you will remember for a lifetime. Tourism today is so developed that the proposals that prepare recreation centers for the New Year 2020 are unlimited.

New Year Tours in Russia

Multifaceted and immense Russia! She concentrated a lot of interesting cities, structures, monuments, natural formations and much more on her vast spaces! In this country, winter is always majestic, real! By the New Year, everything is being transformed, and a holiday breaks into every home. Celebrate this holiday will always be fun, interesting and unforgettable. Before you start exploring the resort areas abroad, travel around the largest country in the world, and your impressions will remain the most vivid. New Year tours that are provided by travel companies will always be of help, especially for beginner tourists, as they offer not only convenience in movement, settlement, but also an excellent holiday with a holiday program and excursions.

The most popular New Year tours in Russia for the New Year for three days, for 1 person, are presented in the table. The beginning of December 31.

Tour NamePrice, rub.Cities of the route
New Year in Vladimir14 500Tourist complex "Ladoga" in a pine forest

Vladimir - Suzdal

New Year in Yaroslavl + Snegurochka tower + entertainment program20 900Hotel "Love" 3 *

Pereslavl - Zalessky - Yaroslavl-Kostroma + Snegurochki tower + entertainment program + interactive excursion to the museum - reserve "Christmas of the 19th century"

New Year in Kostroma17 950Hotel "Samokovskaya"

Kostroma - Yaroslavl - Krasnoe - on - Volga

New Year in Ivanovo18 890GC "Sosnovy Bor"
New Year in Kazan15 900Kazan - Yoshkor-Ola with a tasting of tinctures in the house of Ivan the Terrible
New Year in Shuya14 790Ivanovo - Shuya - Parskoe - Vladimir. New Year in Russian traditions. Super party!
New Year in St. Petersburg11 900Saint Petersburg and surroundings
New Year at Seliger16 650Park Hotel "SDL" Torzhok - Ostashkov - Nilova Desert

The price of tours includes: travel from Moscow and back, New Year's program, New Year's banquet and much more, depending on the tour.

Cottages with accommodation in Veliky Ustyug

Truly New Year's Eve can be seen in Veliky Ustyug. Thousands of Russians and foreign tourists come there for a long time. This place is especially popular for families with children. A magical atmosphere, fabulous landscapes and infrastructure awaits everyone who decides to celebrate the main day of winter in this city. Each tour includes:

  1. Accommodation in comfortable hotel rooms, cottages, hotels;
  2. Nutrition according to the program;
  3. Festive banquet;
  4. Sightseeing tour;
  5. A visit to the residence of Santa Claus.

There are many options for living on holidays in this fabulous city, but the most successful for families or for a large company is checking into a cottage, especially since there are a lot of them in Veliky Ustyug.

The table shows the prices for accommodation in cottages, however, it should be noted that the number of visitors for the New Year is very high and we recommend using early booking. Firstly, the prices are lower if you reserve two months before the trip, and secondly, you will be sure that no one will occupy the selected object and you will not have to look for something else, especially since it will be difficult to search for the new year.

The name of the cottagePrice per day, rubles, per personDescription
Arlazorov Manor2000Filled with the decor of old Russia, in the presence of everything necessary for living even the most demanding tourist
Cottage on 2 floors near Frost Arena10 000It is convenient for settling in a large company, accommodates 17 people, is equipped with all modern household items. 3 km from the residence of Santa Claus.
Big house by the river in the village of BobrovnikovoFrom 1000Capacity 14 people, with modern renovation, city guide services in the cost.

Tours for the New Year 2020 in Europe

Celebrating the New Year in Europe is fashionable, exciting, unforgettable! As in Russia, European countries are anxiously awaiting the main holiday of winter and have been preparing for it since the fall. The most popular countries for the New Year are:

  1. Czech Republic, Prague;
  2. France Paris;
  3. Turkey - Istanbul;
  4. Switzerland - Lucerne;
  5. Romania - Transylvania;
  6. Hungary - Budapest;
  7. Norway - Oslo.

Each country has its own New Year traditions, but all tourists are united by one joy, fun and the expectation that the New Year will bring a lot of new and good things to each person’s life. Prices are set depending on what package of services the tour offers. Spend the New Year holidays in European countries can be quite inexpensive, from 25 000 rubles per person.

Czech Republic - the leader in popularity of the New Year holidays

Prague is the most sought after city for the New Year. Tourists come from all over the world to meet their favorite holiday there - fabulously, unusual and magical. The Czechs did their best to earn such popularity. All the streets, every house helps to let the holiday into your hearts.

The cost of such tours on average per person is presented in the table

Tour NameCheck in / outPrice
New Year's tour with a / c "Czech Airlines"27.12.2019-1.01.2020From 363 Euro
New Year's tour27.12.2019-2.01.2020From 429 Euro
2018 New Year Tour27.12.2019 - 3.01.2020From 457 Euro
New Year in Prague27.12.2019-4.01.2020From 482 Euro

All hotels welcome their guests and delight with their service, but cottages are becoming increasingly popular. Large companies, families and just lovers of cozy country houses can rent a cottage for the New Year and spend their holiday at their best, but it’s great to relax.

New 2020 in Cuba for lovers of exotic

The most thermophilic, active, extraordinary, funny, mischievous tourists fly to celebrate New Year in Cuba. There you will not find a winter blizzard, a crunch of snow underfoot and a snow-covered romantic New Year's atmosphere. Heat, beach, ocean, entertainment day and night, Santa Claus - this is what awaits on New Year those who decided to celebrate it with the Cubans. This is possible in most young people.

Tour NamePeriod of residenceCost, rubles, / person
Varadero7 days 7 nightsFrom 74 672 to 97 213
Havana11 days 11 nights89 872 to 96 856
Kayo Coco11 days 11 nightsFrom 82 866 to 145 108
Holguin7 days 7 nights114 947 to 142 502

The table shows the provinces of Cuba in which hotels are located, hotels depending on which the price of the tour is formed.

  • Please check with official representatives for exact prices.

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