Exhibitions in Moscow in January 2020

There are many people in our country who are interested in new ideas, innovative technologies in various fields of human activity. They regularly read about it in the press, are interested in the Internet, attend relevant exhibitions. Among them are lovers of fine, theatrical and other art. A good incentive for the development of creativity and learning new things will be exhibitions in Moscow in January 2020.

Art Exhibition Dates

Tretyakov Gallery

The exhibition "Unknown Wanderers. Drawing of the second half of the XIX century" - the whole of January.

Dedicated to the drawings and watercolors of I. N. Kramskoy, the works of I. I. Levitan, F. A. Vasiliev, A. P. Bogolyubov, L. F. Lagorio and others. These painters will appear before the audience in a completely different way.

  • "Ivan Pokhitonov. From a private collection" - until 01/19/20

Introduces the miniature technique of this outstanding landscape painter.

  • "Geometrisms" - until 12.01.20
  • "Museum of pictorial culture" - until 02.01.20

You can see the work of avant-garde artists, which were exhibited a hundred years ago in the Museum of pictorial culture.

  • "Sculptor Anna Golubkina" - until 01/15/20

Spectators will be introduced to the sculptures that participated in the exhibition "In favor of the wounded" 1914-1915.

  • "Impressionism and Spanish Painting" until 01/26/20

The exhibition will feature works by such Spanish artists as: Per Isern, Joaquim Mir, Ignacio Zuloag, Ricardo Canals, Santiago Rusignol and others.

Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center

Exhibition "Youth Union" - until 01.20.20

About 80 works of Russian avant-garde artists who created the St. Petersburg Union of Youth in 1910 will be presented.

Museum "Other Art"

Exhibition: New Life of "Another Art" - January

You can see the work of non-conformist artists who are in the collection of M. Alshibaya. His collection includes not only paintings, but also sculpture, installations and video art.

Museum of Fine Arts named after Pushkin

Exposition: "Art of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance" - the whole of January

The exhibition presents the work of Western European art from the Proto-Renaissance to mannerism, from the Early to the High Renaissance.

Melnikov House in Krivoarbatsky Lane

Exhibition: "Open Melnikov" - all of January

The exposition is dedicated to the life of the avant-garde Soviet architect K. Melnikov, the author of such objects as:

  • pavilion "Makhorka";
  • sarcophagus of Lenin;
  • Dorhimzavod club and others.

What's new at VDNH

VVC (new abbreviation) remains the largest exhibition venue in the capital. Both domestic and foreign exhibitions are organized here, reflecting a new level of industry, science, agriculture and the social sphere. The exhibition complex has both indoor exhibition sites (108 thousand square meters) and open (158.1 thousand square meters). The total area of ​​the All-Russian Exhibition Center is 267.2 thousand square meters. m. It often hosts cultural, educational and sports events.

In January 2020, on the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Center, in addition to permanent exhibitions, you can visit the International Specialized Exhibition "MVC: Grain-Feed-Veterinary Medicine".

Similar expositions are held every year since 1994. It helps specialists in the agricultural sector in choosing the best solutions.

Expocenter - exhibitions schedule for January

This exhibition center is the most prestigious in our country. This company, which is more than 50 years old, is well known abroad. Not only domestic exhibitions, but also foreign expositions are held in its exhibition pavilions. Expocenter has nine exhibition halls that are equipped with the most modern equipment. Multifunctional halls are used for seminars, symposia, press conferences and various congresses.

Nearby are: The Government House of the Russian Federation and the World Trade Center, which raises the status of this exhibition center.

The following exposures are expected in January:

date ofTitleDescription
01/28/2020 - 01/31/20203D fab + print Russia 2020

Fig. 12

The exhibition is dedicated to additive technologies and 3D printing in various industries. At the same time there will be an exposure of interplastica.

3D fab + print will feature equipment, supplies and software for 3D printing.

01/28/2020 - 01/31/2020upakovka 2020


The exhibition will be devoted to machinery and equipment for the manufacture of packaging material, in particular for confectionery. Various packaging and other packaging materials will also be widely represented.
01/28/2020 - 01/31/2020INTERPLASTICA 2020

Fig. 14

The exposition will show not only raw materials and auxiliary materials, but also equipment for the production and processing of rubbers and plastics.
01/28/2020 - 01/31/2020DOMESTIC BUILDING MATERIALS / OSM 2020

Fig. 15

The exhibition will introduce everyone to the achievements of the domestic building materials industry.
01/29/2020 - 02/01/2020KERAMBRIKTECH 2020


At the exhibition will be presented: raw materials, technologies, machines and equipment for the production of ceramics and bricks from it.

Other exhibition venues

Crocus Expo IEC

  1. Best For Sport 2019 - 01.20.2020 - 01.22.2020

The exhibition will present everything that is necessary for sports. These are not only various accessories, clothes and shoes, components, inventory, but also equipment for its production. The exposition will unite both Russian and foreign manufacturers.

  1. ProMediaTech 2020 - 01/28/2020 - 01/29/2020

The exhibition is dedicated to advertising. Visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with new technologies in the transmission of information and the promotion of goods. It will be useful to event industry professionals and employees of advertising, marketing and PR.

  1. Telecom & Media 2020 - 01/28/2020 - 01/30/2020

The exhibition will introduce new technologies and business ideas in the field of telecommunications and TV.

Sokolniki, CEC

Moscow Dive Show 2020 - 01/30/2020 - 02/02/2020

Products for lovers and specialists of the underwater world will be presented. Here you can buy antiques, a hunting tour under water and even repair scuba gear. The exhibition will be interesting to underwater hunters, freedivers, underwater photographers, etc.

World Trade Center

SAM-Expo 2020 - 01.22.2020 - 01.24.2020

This symposium uniquely combines scientific and practical events and exhibition expositions. SAM-Expo 2020 will introduce new achievements in the field of aesthetic medicine. Master classes from manufacturers of various drugs and equipment will also be held here.

Architectural and sculptural exhibitions

Museum of Architecture Schuseva

  1. Exhibition: "Model of the Grand Kremlin Palace of the architect Vasily Bazhenov" - the whole of January.

At the exhibition you can get acquainted with the model of the famous architectural building V. Bazhenova. Unfortunately, this masterpiece of architecture was never built.

  1. Exposition: "Bas-reliefs of the Triumphal Arch of Osip Beauvais" - all of January.

At the exhibition, one can personally see the bas-reliefs of the Arc de Triomphe, which was built by O. I. Beauvais in 1814. After 100 years, this building was dismantled. The bas-reliefs did not fall on the new arch, restored in 1968. Previously, they were stored on the territory of the Donskoy Monastery, but now they can be seen in the courtyard of the Museum of Architecture. Schuseva.

Museum-Workshop of Zurab Tsereteli

Exhibition: "Zurab Tsereteli. Collection of works" - the whole of January.

The exhibition will introduce viewers to the picturesque, graphic, ceramic and sculptural works of the outstanding Moscow Georgian. A visit to the museum in winter will fill your soul with bright southern temperament and bright colors.

Kremlin, Church of the Deposition of the Deposition

Exhibition: "Russian wooden sculpture in the house church of the metropolitans and patriarchs" - all month.

In this exhibition you can get acquainted with large floor candlesticks made of wood and wax. Visitors will certainly be surprised by their grace of wooden sculptures of the XV-XIX centuries.

Historical exhibitions

Gulag History Museum

Exhibition: "The History of the Gulag in the Fates of People and the History of the Country" - the whole of January.

At the exhibition you can get acquainted with documents, statistics, newsreels and recollections of prisoners of the Gulag. The history of the repressed can be heard from the actors of the Theater of Nations. Among them: M. Vitorgan, Ch. Khamatova, L. Akhedzhakova, E. Mironov. Visitors can even take a tour to a real abandoned uranium camp.

Museum of Russian Abroad

Exhibition: "Russian Abroad. Ways and Fates" - the whole of January.

The documents and photographs show the fate of people who were forced to leave Russia after the 1917 revolution and in later times. From the exhibition you can find out how our compatriots preserved their national identity away from their homeland.

What exhibitions in Moscow can you visit for free

In the capital there is a huge mass of people who like to spend their free time to good use. A huge number of exhibitions of different directions are at their service. It can be art expositions, exhibitions of architecture or contemporary art. They take place, as a rule, in various museums or exhibition halls.

In Moscow, there are many exhibitions for professionals. We are talking about designers, advertisers, scientists, etc.

There are many events in the capital where various products are displayed. They are advantageous in that they can not only get acquainted with new products, but also purchase them at a discount at a bargain price.

In the metropolis, exhibitions of dogs, cats and other pets are not uncommon. On them you can see not only new breeds of animals, but also buy funds for their care and food. Typically, such exhibitions are held in stadiums, parks and other large-scale exhibition venues.

Children can attend all kinds of scientific and educational exhibitions free of charge, which are usually held in science museums. Here you can go through various master classes.

Free January Exhibitions:

  • Central House of Architects: "Sculpture in the Central House of Artists"
  • VDNH (Pavilion 75): "Moscow from a Bird's Eye View"
  • Tretyakov Gallery: "Tretyakov Gallery. Art of the 20th Century"
  • State Central Museum of Cinema: "36 to 36"

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