Holy Fire 2020

The Descent of the Holy Fire is a unique and yet unexplained by science phenomenon that occurs annually on Holy Saturday on the eve of Holy Sunday in Jerusalem in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. This fire is the sacred shrine of believers around the world. What is known about the convergence ceremony: how does it take place and how long does it take? What does humanity expect in a year when the Holy Fire does not come down? What do skeptics say about this Orthodox miracle? Where to watch the live broadcast from Jerusalem?

Origin history

According to the records of IV century religious scholar Eusebius Pamphilus, the first witness to spontaneous combustion in the place where the tomb of Jesus Christ was located was the apostle Peter. Upon learning of the resurrection of his teacher, he went to the place of his burial, where he saw a fire, the nature of the appearance of which is still unknown.

In 1810, a chapel called Kuvukliya was erected over the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The temple itself was built in the IV century, and it was baptized in 335 during the reign of Emperor Constantine.

Holy Fire: Order, Rules and Traditions

Every year on the eve of Easter, thousands of pilgrims from all over the world gather at the most important Christian relics - the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Each of them tries to take the most advantageous place, in order to be one of the first to receive the sacred fire from the hands of the patriarch.

The religious building accommodates about ten thousand people, but, despite this, it cannot fit everyone. As many are in its vicinity. In the hands of most pilgrims hold 33 candles, which symbolize the earthly age of Jesus Christ.

Hierarchs and priests of the following Orthodox faiths take part in the service:

  1. Jerusalem Orthodox Church.
  2. Syrian church.
  3. Jerusalem Patriarchate of the Armenian Apostolic Church.
  4. Coptic church.

After the procession with three trips of Kuvukliya, only two people enter the chapel: the Patriarch of Jerusalem and the Armenian Archimandrite. Before entering, they take off all their clothes, remaining only in the cassock. This is necessary to control that there are no attempts by priests to bring with them what can cause fire and light candles.

Only the Patriarch comes directly to the Holy Sepulcher, and the Archimandrite remains in the first room of Kuvuklia, which is called the Limit of the Angel.

At the Holy Sepulcher, the Patriarch reads prayers until the sacred flame appears. The parishioners of the temple in complete darkness also pray for the giving of the Holy Fire by Christ.

After the flame appears, the fire is taken out to the temple and distributed to all those present.

The fact of the removal of the Sacred Fire (True Light) symbolizes the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The strictest order and rules of conduct of clerics on the day of the convergence of fire have been strictly observed for several centuries.

When will the ceremony take place?

According to ancient tradition, the convergence of the Holy Fire always occurs on Holy Saturday a few hours before Easter. Knowing when the Sunday of Christ will be in 2020, and this is April 19, it becomes clear that the Jerusalem fire will be lit on April 18.

As for the exact time, no one can ever say this. It happens that a flame appears after a few minutes, and sometimes it takes hours to wait. Only one thing is known that the prayer service begins at 12:00 (Moscow time) and if everything goes well, then by 16:00 the fire will be lit.

What do skeptics say about this miracle?

Despite the fact that believers consider the Holy Fire to be sacred and one that appears through God's command, there are skeptical people who have a different opinion on this subject. They suggest that there is no miracle in this phenomenon. The nature of the appearance of the Sacred Flame may come from:

  • from a burning lamp hidden in Kuvuklia;
  • in the reaction of certain chemical ingredients or mixtures;
  • from matches or a miniature lighter hidden in a cassock;

Despite the many versions of the ignition of wax candles using hidden manipulations, none of them has been proven. This may be due to the special secrecy and mystery of the rite, "into the bins" of which no strangers can penetrate.

They say that the secret sooner or later comes true. And maybe someday the greatest church sacrament of mankind will know the whole truth. If before that there was something to hide.

Live broadcast: where to watch?

If earlier the process of waiting for the appearance of a flame lasted several hours, reaching even a day, now everything is limited to a maximum of four hours, starting from 12:00 and ending around 16:00.

Therefore, in the last few years, the live broadcast of the convergence of the Holy Fire has been conducted all over the world. In particular, in Russia this ceremony in 2019, like the last fifteen years, was broadcast by the NTV channel. The moment of the arrival of fire in Moscow was actively consecrated by all television channels without exception in news releases.

In addition to NTV, you can watch this event online on YouTube video hosting.

Holy Fire Toe Video

About the moment of the descent of the Holy Fire in 2019, as well as about the joyful emotions of all those present at this moment in the temple, you can find out from the video:

On YouTube, you can also find many amateur videos of those people who in different years were eyewitnesses of this miracle.

Will the Holy Fire descend in 2020?

The priests say that the year in which the sacred flame does not appear will be the last in the history of mankind, the end of the world and the Day of Judgment will come. The constant wars in the world, a large number of cataclysms and natural disasters cast doubt on whether the Holy Fire will descend in 2020. And if the latter still does not happen, that is, the flame does not appear, then it can be argued that the Lord is tired of watching all the ugliness that is happening on Earth. As he created the planet and people, so he will destroy them. What will happen next? Neither priests, nor scientists, nor skeptics can say this ...

Interesting facts about the miracle

There are many interesting facts about the Holy Fire, which has certain properties that are not characteristic of an open flame.

  1. In the first minutes, the flame does not burn. The initial temperature of the fire is about +40 ℃ and only after 15 minutes it reaches a maximum of 300 ℃.
  2. Fire in the temple of the Holy Sepulcher cannot cause a fire. The hair, hats and clothing of the pilgrims always remained unharmed, despite the chaos that was happening at that moment.
  3. Drops of wax that fall from candles on clothes do not wash.
  4. Candles in a temple can self-ignite.

In addition to amazing moments, incidents also happen. For example, in 2013 in the Vladimir Cathedral of Kiev, due to the carelessness of parishioners, the Holy Fire in the lamp went out. I had to light it from other candles.

Immediately after the Patriarch takes the flame out of Kuvuklia, fire is transported around the corner of the planet in special lamps. One of the first who delivers the sacred flame to his homeland is the Russian Orthodox Church. His particles from Moscow go to other temples and cathedrals of the country, so that all believers can touch the divine and miraculous miracle.

Watch the video: Holy Fire South Texas - January 18, 2020 - Mission Event Center (February 2020).

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