What to give dad for New Year 2020

For the child, the father is the personification of strength, masculinity and stamina. Gradually, children grow up and understand that even the strongest man needs love, understanding and care. One way to express these feelings is to present the right thing that a loved one has long dreamed of. No one better than a son or daughter decides what to give dad for the New Year 2020, because they have known the tastes and preferences of a loved one since childhood.

Gift list per year Rats for father

You can appease the White metal rat with high-quality and practical things, not necessarily expensive. Do not give father sets of sweets, souvenirs, notebooks - these are indifferent corporate gifts.

In 2019, the stars promise a lot of work to representatives of all the zodiac signs, so items related to the profession will come in handy. Dad, making money at the office or remotely, will like new speakers, a wireless mouse or keyboard, a laptop table and other technical accessories.

Presentations for the father-boss - a set for hands-free calling in the car, a Bluetooth bracelet for managing the presentation, an electronic diary. Wherever a man works, universal gifts for him are portable charging for gadgets, a flash drive, an external drive, a mug with USB heating, a lunch box.

Tip. It is important for a modern man to look good. The image is created by details: a stylish leather belt, a jumper made of good knitwear, a scarf and a watch.

How to choose New Year's gifts taking into account interests

You can show care and attention by supporting your father in his hobby. Depending on the sphere of interests, suitable gift options are conditionally divided into several categories. Motorists are presented with a vacuum cleaner for a car interior, a navigator or a DVR, floor mats, heated seat covers, a compressor, a magnetic holder for a smartphone. There are many little things that make controlling the machine more convenient and simpler: a remote control with a steering wheel mount for controlling the radio, a tire pressure monitoring system, an inverter for connecting household appliances, a thermos with a heating function, powered by a cigarette lighter, an organizer for the trunk, and a minimax. A great thing is a car multitool, which includes the functions of a manometer, cutter, flashlight and hammer.

Summer cottagers are easy to please. It is enough to buy a phytolamp, a garden shredder, a kit for pruning plants, a set of cultivators with various nozzles, a supply of gloves for different works, comfortable summer shoes. Barbecue, smokehouse, hammock, inflatable pool are useful for relaxation. In December, it’s very profitable to buy all these things, as there are seasonal discounts in stores.

For a fisherman, special clothing, a folding chair, a wireless echo sounder, a thermo bag, a travel bag with important tourist items, and an electric fish scaler will be a good gift. In order not to catch a cold in bad weather, you can buy thermal underwear.

The hunter will be happy with a night vision device, a special video recorder, a laser rangefinder, binoculars. Useful presentations are items for tourist life: a tent, a mosquito net, a hunting vest, a portable stove, a set of unbreakable dishes.

On a note. In the country, in the forest and on the river, an electronic insect repeller is needed. With it, you can not be afraid of the attack of horseflies, mosquitoes, ticks and midges.

Original gift ideas for dad

With the advent of the family, many forget about parties and clubs. You can remind a father who loves music and fun of youth by giving him a disco ball and spotlights. A home brewery as a gift will appeal to most men. True, mom may not approve of such a present.

A portable projector is a surprise not only for dad, but for the whole family. With it, they watch movies, play games anytime, anywhere - outdoors, at a party, on vacation.

A homely and appreciating father will like a realistic electric fireplace with remote control. It will provide warmth in the house and will become a stylish detail of the interior.

DIY gifts to father from daughter

Any thing done by a beloved daughter invariably causes emotion. There are many options for handmade gifts, each will choose something to their liking. For example, knitting. Things made this way never go out of style. Scarves, gloves, mittens, sweaters, knitted by the daughter’s hands, will give the father a sense of care and warmth.

If you don’t have knitting skills, you can give your father a piece of baked plastic: a keychain, a car pendant, a flask or a mug with stucco decoration, a New Year’s souvenir. The material is inexpensive, does not require complex tools and skills.

After viewing the master classes on the network, you can create a panel or photo frame using shells, cones, dried flowers or sea pebbles. It is easy to make a surprise out of ordinary household items. It is enough to include imagination, and an unnecessary book will turn into an unusual safe, and a box of thick cardboard - into a box for money.

If the father is a lover of steam, he will need a bath hat. You can sew it, even without a sewing machine. For this purpose, exclusively natural fabrics are used: felt, felt, cotton, linen. An avid bath attendant will also like a set of homemade soap.

Few popes admit that they love sweet gifts. If the daughter is sure that this is so, homemade sweets, cake or pie will be a good surprise. A traditional New Year's treat is apples in melted caramel syrup topped with chopped nuts.

5 do-it-yourself gift ideas for father from son

There are also many options for hand-made gifts to dad from his son. Pupils carefully carry out products from cardboard and paper, plasticine, natural materials. Adults who have mastered a certain skill are hand-made things made of metal, wood, and leather. For those who can not boast of such skills, we offer one of the following options:

  1. Rubik's cube pasted with the best family photos. Such a souvenir photo will decorate a desk or a shelf both in the office and at home.
  2. A family tree, hand-drawn by a son, or executed in Photoshop, will cause sentimental feelings even in a stern father. Another gift with family photographs is a picture made using the "picture-in-picture" method. This image includes portraits of all the men in the family, where the picture of the youngest is held by a representative of the next generation.
  3. The son, even a little versed in the mechanisms, can make an original watch from old records, disks or family photos.
  4. To create a lamp from a bottle or a lamp with the effect of lava, you will have to spend 2-3 hours of time and buy inexpensive supplies. But the effect is worth it.
  5. When there is absolutely no time, you can make a men's bouquet of beer and snacks - sausages, dried fish and cheese chekil.

Universal Christmas tree gifts

It is advisable to give money to father for the New Year only in exceptional cases. It is better to choose a certificate in a specialized store. This is a real find for those who know the interests of their parents, but doubt the choice. A gift card can be purchased not only for equipment or industrial products, but also for a massage course, balloon flight, and a craft master class.

What to give for the New Year depending on age

  • A significant part of popes 40-45 years spend leisure time at computer games. For them, the desired presentations will be a comfortable computer chair, virtual reality glasses, a mouse for games. To prevent the sounds of explosions or the cries of monsters from annoying households, you need wireless headphones.
  • Dads of 45-55 years old can be presented with something with the symbols of the USSR - a T-shirt, cover for documents, a lighter, a flask or all together. A man who celebrated a half-century anniversary loves a comfortable stay. He can be presented with a rocking chair, a weekend tour to a country sanatorium, a massage wrap, a salt lamp.
  • Men 55-60 years old should not give ultramodern gadgets or gifts reminiscent of advanced years, gifts, jokes. It is better to choose an easy-to-manage e-book with an increase in font, a bestseller in high-quality binding, a set for poker, backgammon, chess.
  • In old age, most men resign themselves to the need to monitor their health. A home weather station, a pedometer, a nitrate tester, a water filter, Nordic walking sticks, a cane, and an irrigator for cleaning the oral cavity can help with this.


Presenting a gift, tell your father how you love and appreciate it, remember the funny and touching moments of childhood. Record on video the wishes of happiness and prosperity from all family members, or arrange a postcard with kind words. Love and gratitude for everything is the best gift for parents.

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