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Almost 40 million people annually visit Turkey for recreation, this country deserves such popularity due to its cultural, historical and ethnic heritage. All uniqueness is emphasized by the tourist infrastructure, sensational hotels that are popular for their services, and in particular the "all inclusive" system. More and more families with children choose the resorts of this country for holidays, some hotels form quests and contests for the whole family, in which there are winners, but no losers. Parents and children come together, help each other, so everyone is fun and interesting.

Turkey is a country that is always in the TOP of the most visited tourist destinations

Turkey has a rich history of origin, its territory has always been inhabited by a large number of people, there is the oldest settlement Chatal-Guyuk, which is more than 10,000 years old. The land of this country was visited by the Greeks and Romans, it was the Roman Empire, which was then crowded by the Slavs, Arabs, Seljuks, Lombards. After the Ottoman Empire was founded, which dominated these lands until the 19th century. After a series of historical events, the Republic of Turkey was formed in 1919.

Turkey is a treasury of the earth, it is very beautiful there, it is washed by 3 seas: Black, Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean. The climate is diverse, in the central part it is temperate continental: summers are hot and winters are cold. On the coast of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea, winter is warm, the climate is Mediterranean. On the Black Sea coast, the climate is marine, with frequent rainfall, but warm winters. There is also a tropical climate - in the Southeast.

Weather conditions often worry families with children, so when choosing a resort, you should pay attention to the above.

The diversity of nature is amazing: hills, hills, mountains, rivers, ponds, steppes, swamps, forests - thanks to such a heterogeneous relief, in Turkey there are many types of plants, insects, animals. The largest mountain systems stretch on the territory, namely: the Pontic Mountains, the Taurus Mountains and the Anatolian Plateau.

Many tourists consider Turkey a European country, the territory is located in two parts of the world and Europe accounts for only 3%, and in Asia its share is 97%. Turkey has a very high standard of living; religion is Islam. Religious holidays should be considered, in Ramadan and Kurban Bayram many cafes and institutions are closed!

The currency in Turkey is Turkish Lira. 1 Lira is equal to 11 Russian Rubles. In many places in the country you can pay Euros and Dollars.

Ask your friends which capital of Turkey, and some of them will answer - Istanbul. This city is the most visited, but the capital of the country is Ankara!

Best all-inclusive resorts and hotels in Turkey, benefits of early booking

To the question of potential tourists what you first want to know about Turkey, deciding to opt for a vacation in this country, the following popular answer is received: what resorts, hotels are there according to the established parameters. More and more people are eager to see the world, start traveling abroad, relax on the sea. Improving the quality of life is a priority direction of development, and staying in interesting places only increases motives! Turkey is able to breathe life, contribute to determination. There are a lot of people who crave such a vacation that will not make you strain physically or intellectually, and again - Turkey will help!

At any time of the year, vacationers go there on vacation. If some countries are attracted by magical winters, or velvet autumn, or comfortable summers, then in Turkey, as in the well-known words of the song from the movie Office Romance: “Nature has no bad weather, every weather is grace. Rain, snow ... any time of the year, it’s necessary gratefully accept. " There really will always be a comfortable rest. Below are the popular resorts with a brief description of the obvious advantages and disadvantages (verified by real reviews of tourists).

Antalya- a wide selection of hotels;

- the cost of a double room in a 5 * hotel with an all-inclusive system starts from 7,000 rubles per day;

- A variety of beaches, the most famous Lara;

- a large selection of entertainment;

- proximity to the airport;

- A lot of historical heritage is concentrated.

- congestion by tourists
Alanya- for relaxing with children;

- democratic goals;

- the cost of renting a room in five-star hotels from 6,000 per day for a family room, taking into account early booking;

- a large selection of hotels 3 * and 4 *;

- clean beaches with a wide coastline;

- A large selection of entertainment for children and adults;

- Many attractions, including caves and fortresses.

- remoteness from Antalya;

- a small number of hotels with a service level of 5 *

Kemer- clean beaches (pebble);

- a lot of entertainment;

- A wide selection of cafes, bars;

- natural attractions;

- picturesque.

- families with children will not be comfortable, the entrance to the sea is steep;

- high prices for a room in a 5 * hotel, starting at 9,000 for two per day, but 3 * vacationers with a limited budget can afford.

- few budget hotels;

- The resort is intended for active tourists.

Belek- many hotels with a service level of 5 *

- clean beaches, with convenient access to the sea;

- developed tourism infrastructure;

- Nearby ancient attractions;

- there is a children's hotel with water activities;

- best for families with children.

- high prices, from 9,500 rubles per day;

- There is practically no budget housing.

Marmaris- clean beaches;

- A cozy town with beautiful nature;

- a large selection of restaurants;

- suitable for a relaxing holiday

- a modest selection of hotels;

- prices from 9,000 per day per room;

- no historical monuments

Tekirova- A wide selection of hotels with a level of 5 * and lower;

- a large beach, clean but pebble;

- nearby there are interesting sights;

- Suitable for families with children.

- far from Antalya;

- no sandy beaches;

- The prices are quite high.

Istanbul- clean beaches;

- many clubs, bars, restaurants;

- a good variety of entertainment;

- concentrated many attractions;

- A wide selection of hotels.

- glut of tourists and permanent residents;

- urban bustle

These are the most discussed resorts in Turkey in a positive way, it is worth noting that for 10 days of relaxation in many hotels with a star level of 5, a family with at least 1 child will have to spend at least 100,000 rubles departing from Moscow and back. However, if you take advantage of early booking, then there is almost always a discount system that will save a couple of tens of thousands.

The best hotels are listed below, the selection is based on an analysis of tourist reviews and their ratings on popular booking sites:

  1. Maxx Royal Belek,
  2. IC Green Palace,
  3. Rixos Sungate,
  4. Club Hotel Phaselis Rose,
  5. Amara Dolche Vita Luxury,
  6. Regnum Carya Golf & Spa,
  7. Ali Bey Club Manavgat,
  8. Pgs kiris,
  9. D-Hotel Maris Marmaris,
  10. Swissotel Resort Bodrum Beach.

Holidays in Turkey with children departing from Moscow at any time of the year

The successful continental location of Turkey allows you not to experience a shortage of attention from tourists. Vacationers in places with a wide variety of cultural and historical monuments accept a comfortable climate and are ready to visit the area year-round, especially since in certain months a vacation can be quite budgetary, given the active pastime.

Holidays in spring, what Turkey will enjoy at this time

Going to this country in the spring makes sense and here's why:

  1. In any area, the climate is evened out, you can not limit yourself geographically, the day is long, warm, fresh, beautiful!
  2. Prices for rental housing, souvenirs, food and much more are much lower than in summer and winter.
  3. Auspicious time for long excursions.
  4. In March, the lowest prices, you can ride from the mountains, go to museums, clubs, afford a hotel with a SPA center, hammam, pool. Tourists at this time advise the ski resorts of Palandoken and Ulugdag.
  5. In April, some tourists already swim in the sea, and it is warmed up to 20-22 degrees. At this time, Turkey is blooming, lovers of beauty at least once in a lifetime should see it! April 23 is the Children's Day - a large-scale and interesting holiday. This is a great month of the year for traveling with children to Turkey.
  6. May is already quite like summer, the influx of tourists is increasing, but prices have not yet reached their maximums.

Is it possible to have a budget vacation in this country in the summer

Turkey is rich in tourist opportunities in the summer and every year more and more tourists are surprised. Prices are set at the maximum, the competition is not so fierce among hotels, because the influx of tourists allows you to fill the apartments to the limit. But if vacationers think in advance of their vacation in 3 months, and it’s better to book rooms for half a year, they will save up to 35% of their budget! Nobody cancels hot tours - rest can cost them the price of air tickets.

For those who are able to correctly assess information about the country and its capabilities, a vacation without intermediaries, or the private sector, is suitable. To do this, you should work out your route, diet, accommodation, cultural program and not deviate from the plan.

Why do travelers prefer to relax in the fall

Autumn is the velvet season. Why are prices lower than in summer, if the sea is as warm, there is no scorching heat on the street, nature transforms and plays with new colors and the sunset is more romantic? The competition at the hotels begins to grow, a significant part of tourists choose Turkey for holidays with children, who go to school from September 1. Since September 1, many adults cannot go on vacation by occupation. Therefore, hotels are beginning to rapidly form favorable conditions. This attracts tourists, which is logically true. Fall autumn is different, summer in Turkey and warm rain, but until the beginning of November, the weather is usually good.

Turkey is popular with tourists in the winter.

The most ardent fans of Turkey in winter are shoppers. In December, Christmas sales begin, fairs are a paradise for tourists. The most important thing is low prices for everything: accommodation, meals, travel, excursions, entertainment, etc. In order to have a rest it’s not expensive on an all-inclusive basis, you can safely fly to this city!

Among tourists there are daredevils who swim in the sea in winter, the water temperature is higher than the air temperature. Also, a small number of holidaymakers in winter does not hide the charms of the country, it turns out gorgeous photos, you can stay longer at the sights.

Before the New Year, prices will rise, but not to the summer level, if you buy a New Year tour a few months before the holiday, there will be a good discount. Turks celebrate New Year on a grand scale! Fun, fairy tale, extravaganza, children's and adult laughter - will be provided.

Turkey - contrast, reviews of tourists suggest how to fully know the country in a limited period of time

40 million people visit Turkey annually, and based on numerous reviews from tourists, a list of things to do while relaxing there is developed that will allow you to fully, diversely spend your vacation, but also to know the country, its key characteristics:

  1. Rate All Inclusive
  2. Hot air balloon ride over the rocky city, Cappadocia,
  3. Visit Pamukkale - a unique creation of nature, a mineral spring or as it is called the "Cotton Castle", which is included in the UNESCO heritage list,
  4. Visit the preserved ancient city of Ephesus,
  5. If the budget allows, go on a yacht cruise,
  6. Take a steam bath in a real Turkish bath,
  7. Visit the Grand Bazaar and don't forget to bargain,
  8. Have fun at least one party in Kemer, best of all foamy,
  9. Try national dishes, including sweets.

It is no coincidence that Turkey remains for many years one of the most visited resort countries; it increases its advantages, is friendly and welcoming. In order for the rest to be interesting and complete in such an amazing place, it is important to bring your beloved, dear people and a good, positive mood!

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