Do-it-yourself wall paper for New Year 2020 - templates

New Year's holidays are on the threshold, so it's time to start preparing for the meeting. What is included in the preparation? Just do not count! The main thing is to make a New Year’s menu, decorate the house, buy or make gifts with your own hands, worry about a chic outfit, pick up a script, original greetings, toasts and music. Also, in schools and kindergartens, children decorate classrooms, assembly halls. One of the main attributes is the do-it-yourself wall newspaper for New Year 2020, the templates of which can be downloaded for free online. The task of parents is to help their child design and print the necessary elements on a printer.

Which wall newspaper is relevant in the year of the Rat

According to the Eastern calendar, 2020 will be held under the auspices of a white metal rat, so it is desirable to depict this animal in the central place of the newspaper. It can be a drawing, applique or a special template. If you or your child do not have drawing skills, we suggest downloading and printing ready-made mouse images on a printer. You will need to cut out the figures and stick them. The gallery also has several hand-painted stencils to make the wall newspaper look more natural.

Cartoon mice to school

Such images are more suitable for elementary grades. Cool mice will be interesting to look under the Christmas tree along with fairy-tale characters - Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Snowman, Santa Claus or other animals. As an example, you can see the following figure.

Chinese-style rat for office

Regardless of the field of activity, many try to decorate an office, office or workplace. Some bring to their work all kinds of New Year decorations: miniature Christmas trees, toys, tinsel, rain, garlands, etc. Others want to make something special, memorable and interesting with their own hands. A wall newspaper is excellent for this purpose. It can contain all the necessary information: the results of the past year, the success of employees, congratulations to colleagues and managers. Since this is a festive version of the newspaper, appropriate design is necessary.

New Year characters for a wall newspaper

This selection includes several colorings and color images for the printer. It included traditional fairy-tale heroes: Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Santa Claus and Snowman. Also, festive paraphernalia: Christmas toys, twigs, wreaths will come in handy to create a wall newspaper with your own hands.

Ded Moroz and Snegurochka

What is New Year without characters loved by everyone? And you know that they became popular back in the 30s of the last century. The image was formed in 1840 by the Russian writer Odoevsky in the tale Moroz Ivanovich. Unlike modern Santa Claus, he is a pagan master of the cold and winter cold, lives in an ice country, which can be reached through a well. He does not give presents, but gives a handful of silver coins for a job well done. In Slavic mythology, Treskunets is a magical helper and donor for exemplary behavior.

Snowman Pictures

Snowman is the most favorite character among Russians. He gained immense popularity in the days of the USSR. In many Soviet cartoons, he acted as an assistant to Santa Claus. He was portrayed on greeting cards as a New Year's messenger with forest animals. In ancient Russia, Snowmen were revered as spirits of winter and asked for warm weather. The snow woman and the Snow Maiden were considered female nature spirits. In modern times, snowmen love to sculpt not only children. Festivals are held in different countries. In Moscow every year in the Kuzminsky Park, a "Parade of Snowmen" is held.

Party supplies

To create a wall newspaper, you will need various details from New Year’s paraphernalia: Christmas trees, toys, candles, etc. Do you know that every holiday accessory is a symbol?

  • The Christmas tree is a symbol of life.
  • Toys balls - paradise apples of Adam and Eve.
  • A star in the USSR is the personification of a Kremlin star.
  • A candle is light in darkness, life, insight, the life-giving power of the Sun.
  • A wreath is eternal life and rebirth.
  • Star of Bethlehem - eternity, immutability, gateway to paradise.

Ready-made templates for large format printing

If you have the opportunity to order in the studio printing on a large sheet, then you can use ready-made templates. This option on A4 is not suitable. It is necessary to use wide format materials. All that remains is to add text and colorize the pictures.

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