Comic predictions for the New Year 2020

Every year a magical holiday comes to us, which is associated with a fragrant Christmas tree, fun and sparkling champagne. New Year is a bright and inspiring night. All of us, expecting a miracle, are looking forward to the coming of the new year, which will surely bring happiness, victory, and help forget about old failures. That is why the scripts and congratulations on New Year's Eve should be original. A creative approach in search of the perfect holiday development is the guarantee that even at night guests will want to dance, play and have fun. To diversify your idea of ​​celebrating the main day of the year, consider comic predictions for the New Year 2020. It will be held under the sign of the White Metal Rat. According to the eastern horoscope, this animal promises to bring new impressions and changes. All signs of the zodiac will feel a wave of cardinal changes, without which it is difficult to imagine an interesting life.

Comic predictions for the New Year 2020: how to originally congratulate close friends

In the year of the Rat, astrologers predict that one cannot be passive. Apathy and depression will lead to a loss of interest in everything that happens around. Starting from New Year's Eve, you should think about original congratulations. Having carefully thought over all the gifts, you can impress others and give them a great mood.

Short and funny congratulations should be presented unbanally. This is a good option to show attention, cheer up and create a festive atmosphere. It all depends on the imagination of the person who decided to arrange such a present.

TOP-5 ideas for making congratulations in the year of the Rat for colleagues

Take note of several ideas for designing comic predictions, the texts of which are easy to find on the net or compose yourself:

  • hide in a small box and put it on the table to all colleagues. Additionally, you can present sweets in which there will be a “sweet” note with wishes for next year;
  • create a bouquet of sweets that accompany pleasant words. You can give beautiful bouquets at the corporate party. The present is relevant for colleagues and friends of any age;
  • Make notes in balloons. Additionally fill them with confetti and other bright elements. When everyone starts to clap balls at the corporate party, comic notes under the dome of bright confetti will give a lot of positive emotions;
  • lay out wishes in the year of the Rat under the guests' plates. Having gathered at the table, invite your friends to look under the dishes and find out what 2020 will bring to them;
  • put comic predictions on the tree. So, you can not only give happiness with warm words, but also decorate the symbol of the holiday;
  • if you don’t want to waste time making it, just compose a song. This option is suitable for creative people who are willing to experiment with rhyme;
  • if in the closet you have a suit of Santa Claus or Snow Maiden, it’s the hat. Appear to your loved ones in elegant attire and give a real New Year atmosphere.

Comic predictions for the New Year 2020 for children

If the task is to arrange a real children's holiday, use all sorts of ways to attract the attention of young guests. Active fidgets will not spend much time at the table, so carefully consider the program of games and quests. Here you need to interestingly approach the format of congratulations.

Take on the following tips:

  1. dress up in a cartoon character who is familiar to all children regardless of age;
  2. refuse long speeches so that the kids do not start indulging right at the table;
  3. come up with active contests, after which each participant will receive a prize with a prediction for 2020;
  4. for students, you can come up with contests using gadgets. For example, who will quickly take clear selfies with certain subjects that the presenter calls. For a certain time, teens take several pictures. Whoever succeeded the most receives the main award;
  5. encourage all competitions, otherwise there will be no interest in games.

Predictions in the year of the Rat for a fun company: how to create a holiday

If you are going to see off the old year and meet a new one in the company with a great sense of humor, use congratulations in verses or prose. The main thing here is to find a "golden" middle of the content of congratulations, so as not to offend anyone, but only to cheer you up.

Examples of funny greetings:

  1. Next year, only your wallet can lose weight, because good people always remain in the body.
  2. If you want to live in family comfort, you will have to buy a fur coat for your wife in the new year. Only she will warm her boundless heart.
  3. Love does not tolerate silence, because screams and broken dishes are part of its manifestation. Even if troubles began in married life, beat dishes, take care of nerves.

Predictions for adults and colleagues: recharging with positive on New Year's Eve

Guests should not lose heart on a festive evening, so you will have to spend several hours searching for the perfect scenario. Predictions for friends in a company can be most sincere. But in order not to make the night banal, you need to make notes of positive and good mood.

Merry inscriptions are best given to Santa Claus, who will entertain the guests. Together with gifts, they will receive predictions. They will be comic and interesting. Make the recipient work out his present. Remember children's morning performances? That's only when adults take up the rhyme and ridiculous contests, the positive is guaranteed.

A few comic predictions for adults:

  • in 2020, it’s better not to borrow money. Borrow from friends and forget about it;
  • Do not be greedy, learn to share problems with loved ones;
  • if you made a fur coat on New Year's Eve, remember the socks on February 23 and break off;
  • Before giving daisies to your sweetheart, make sure on their petals that you are loved;
  • if happiness has no limits, you can share your wallet with me;
  • the fun will be in full swing, because there are a lot of things ahead.

Comic forecasts in the year of the Rat according to the zodiac signs

Aries: Great success awaits you, and you will look the coolest. After all, the Rat gives you a budget, spend it in the first month of the year.

Cancer: Do not be timid before the trials of fate - finally wash the dishes.

Twins waiting for the cycle of events, so it is better to go to bed in any free minute.

Pisces The rat gives positive. The main thing is not to sort out with him on New Year's Eve.

Lions rats will not be an obstacle, because you won’t do anything to entertain a person.

Virgins low bow for beauty and optimism.

Taurus they won’t stop being weird, because their laughter is inside.

In life Weights a real sensation: a little money, the house is full of guests.

Scorpions long won respect. With a proudly raised head we pour one more.

Sagittarius waiting for the wedding. Who is under the crown - that handsome and well done.

Aquarius, your sea does not cease to excite you. Tune in to a new trend.

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