When to plant cucumbers for seedlings in 2020

When to plant cucumbers for seedlings in 2020 is an important question for every gardener and gardener, because cucumbers are perhaps the most popular culture in our garden plots. It is impossible to imagine a single feast without these juicy, crispy vegetables. Though fresh, even in a salty or pickled form. Moreover, each zealous housewife has her favorite variety, as well as the secret to cooking delicious cucumbers.

The germination and further favorable development of cucumber seedlings are mainly affected by three factors, or rather, their consideration. It:

  • the specifics of the development of cucumbers as cultivated plants;
  • the influence of climatic features of the regions of the country on the timing of planting and transplanting seedlings in open ground or a greenhouse;
  • sowing and planting seedlings according to the lunar calendar.

Consider each of these factors in more detail.

Features and development phases of cucumbers

Cucumbers should be sown on seedlings three weeks before planting in a greenhouse or soil.
Seeds begin to germinate at a temperature of 15-16 ° C. Therefore, they must be sown in warm soil (for example, on an insulated ridge). Shoots appear on days 4-6 at a temperature of 25-30 ° C, on 4-10 at 20-25 ° C and after 10-12 days at 17-19 ° C. In cold soil, seeds die.
The first true leaf appears 5-7 days after germination, and flowering occurs after 35-40 days at 20 ° C and after 25-30 days at 25-28 ° C. Each flower lives 3-5 days, if fertilization has occurred during this time, then the ovary grows very quickly at 20-28 ° C, and after a week you can remove young cucumbers - they will be the most delicious and without bitterness. Remove cucumbers should be young daily, in extreme cases - every other day. The overgrown cucumbers are tasteless, in addition, they inhibit the growth of the remaining greens.

According to the advice of experienced cucumbers seedlings to monitor the development of the following table should be kept:

Table of sowing dates and stages of cucumber ripening

EventTiming calculation
Emergence of seedlingsAfter 10 days at 20 ° C
The appearance of the first sheetAfter 7 days, each following - after 7 days
Flowering time35 days
ReadinessAfter 40 days

The table should be done as soon as you planted a crop for seedlings. This is a reference point. In this table, put in advance the dates of the event that should occur, starting from the day of sowing. Next, you will need to put the actual dates of its onset.

If the real dates are late compared with the expected, then, then, the plant needs help.

When to plant seedlings of cucumbers, taking into account the climatic characteristics of the regions of Russia

Cucumbers are quite unpretentious, but still heat-loving plants, so if you can plant them in the southern regions as early as mid-March, then in central Russia you should do this a little later:

  • in the greenhouse - at the end of April;
  • in open ground - in early May.

In the Leningrad region and other northern European regions of the country, these terms are shifted by a week.

In Siberia in mid-May, frosts are still possible, therefore cucumbers are most often grown in greenhouses. In the southern regions of Siberia, where it is much warmer, seeds for seedlings are planted in the middle (for the greenhouse) or at the end (for the soil) of May. Accordingly, cucumbers are planted:

  • in greenhouses - in early June;
  • in open ground - closer to mid-June.

When to plant seedlings of cucumbers on the lunar calendar 2020

The landing lunar calendar is based on the correspondence of the phases of the night luminary to the life cycles of cultivated plants. Juicy fruits of cucumbers suitable for food are located on the aerial part of the stem. Therefore, the most favorable time for most work with seedlings of this culture is the phase of the Growing (Young) Moon, when all the life-giving juices of plants rush up.

Moon phases for the months of 2020

MonthPhasesThe numbers
JanuaryWaxing Crescent1-9
Full moon10
Waning moon11-24
New moon25
Waxing Crescent26-31
FebruaryWaxing Crescent1-8
Full moon9
Waning moon10-22
New moon23
Waxing Crescent24-29
MarchWaxing Crescent1-8
Full moon9
Waning moon10-23
New moon24
Waxing Crescent25-31
AprilWaxing Crescent1-7
Full moon8
Waning moon9-22
New moon23
Waxing Crescent24-30
MayWaxing Crescent1-6
Full moon7
Waning moon8-21
New moon22
Waxing Crescent23-31
JuneWaxing Crescent1-4
Full moon5
Waning moon6-20
New moon21
Waxing Crescent22-30
JulyWaxing Crescent1-4
Full moon5
Waning moon6-19
New moon20
Waxing Crescent21-31
AugustWaxing Crescent1-2
Full moon3
Waning moon4-18
New moon19
Waxing Crescent20-31
SeptemberWaxing Crescent1
Full moon2
Waning moon3-16
New moon17
Waxing Crescent18-30
OctoberWaxing Crescent1
Full moon2
Waning moon3-15
New moon16
Waxing Crescent17-30
Full moon31
NovemberWaning moon1-14
New moon15
Waxing Crescent16-29
Full moon30
DecemberWaning moon1-13
New moon14
Waxing Crescent15-29
Full moon30
Waning moon31

Recommended work with seedlings of cucumbers on the lunar calendar 2020

date ofPhaseFeatured Works
March 26-28Waxing CrescentSowing
March 29-31Waxing CrescentLoosening, watering
April 01-02Waxing CrescentSowing, watering
April 03-06Waxing CrescentLoosening
April 07thWaxing CrescentWorks not recommended
April 08Full moonWorks not recommended
April 09-10Waning moonThinning, top dressing
April 11-12Waning moonLoosening, watering
April 13-14Waning moonPick, fertilizer
April 15-17Waning moonWatering
April 18-19Waning moonWatering, picking
April 20-22Waning moonLoosening
April 23New moonWorks not recommended
April 24thWaxing CrescentPreparation of soil for sowing
April 25-27Waxing CrescentLoosening, top dressing
April 28-29Waxing CrescentSowing, picking, watering, transplanting into a greenhouse
April 30 - May 01Waxing CrescentSoil loosening
May 02-03Waxing CrescentWatering, picking
May 04-05Waxing CrescentSowing, transplanting, picking
May 06Waxing CrescentWorks not recommended
May 07Full moonWorks not recommended
May 08-10Waning moonTop dressing, cultivation
May 11-12Waning moonTransplanting into a greenhouse, preparing seeds, sowing seedlings, picking
May 13-14Waning moonWatering, cultivation
May 15-17Waning moonWatering
May 18-19Waning moonTop dressing, cultivation
May 20-21Waning moonWorks not recommended
22nd of MayNew moonWorks not recommended
May 23-24Waxing CrescentTransfer
May 25-26Waxing CrescentTransplanting, picking, fertilizing, watering
May 27-29Waxing CrescentTop dressing
May 30-31Waxing CrescentTransplant, pick, top dressing

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