Happy New Year 2020 to partners

Congratulations on the New Year, 2020, to partners, is designed to strengthen business and mutually beneficial relations between business partners. The heartfelt, kind words of New Year's greetings will not only express respect for colleagues and partners, but will also encourage further cooperation aimed at joint prosperity. The format of congratulations to partners is quite diverse. They can be not only restrained official, but also comic, even funny. It all depends on the specific addressees, circumstances and the degree of human affinity of the partners.

What can you wish for business partners in the year of the Rat?

In 2020, passing under the sign of the White Metal Rat, drawing up a New Year's greetings to business partners will not be at all difficult. The fact is that according to the Eastern calendar, the wise Rat is especially favored by people who are not only entrepreneurial and businesslike, but also strive for collective efforts and friendly.

The Rat itself, the totem of 2020, is endowed with such qualities as:

  • endurance
  • quick wits;
  • initiative;
  • purposefulness;
  • strategic thinking;
  • perseverance
  • intuition;
  • fearlessness.

The strong, strong-willed qualities of the Rat are slightly softened by the qualities of the white element:

  • goodwill;
  • compassion;
  • sympathy;
  • purity of thoughts;
  • openness.

Thus, in New Year's greetings in the year of the Rat, business partners may wish:

  • persistence in achieving the goal;
  • financial well-being;
  • grandiose plans;
  • good luck
  • self-confidence;
  • peace of mind;
  • team spirit;
  • large-scale projects;
  • fruitful cooperation;
  • close-knit team.

We offer examples of congratulations to business partners on the New Year.

In prose

Partners! Happy New Year! May it bring success and prosperity to business, increase in income, over which we all worked so hard in the past year! Goodness, happiness, mutual understanding, reliable friends and happy winter holidays!
Dear partners! In the New Year, I would like to wish only the best. May the coming year bring you new discoveries, even greater confidence in your strengths, strength of mind and body, honest victories and universal love!
Friends! Let the upcoming new year begin to live up to its expectations from the first week of January. I wish you have round the year round!
Dear partners and dear friends! On this magical New Year's holiday, we will certainly raise our glasses for the corporate prosperity of your company and the personal success of each employee of your team. Happy smiles, reliable partnerships and maximum opportunities for self-realization! Let your team members have chances for career development and manifestation of themselves as high professionals, making an invaluable contribution to the common cause.
Happy holiday, friends! Not only on a fabulous New Year's Eve, but also on every day of 2020 in all current affairs and new projects and other areas of corporate activity and private life, good luck will accompany you, and the financial return and joy from the results of the work done and solving complex problems does not know borders! We wish your company quality development and stable prosperity. We hope that in the coming period our partnership will continue to be mutually beneficial, but at the same time they will become even stronger and more friendly.
Dear friends! In anticipation of a magical New Year's celebration, we want to wish you that each of the days of the coming period be full of good and happy moments for you and become a fruitful time for fulfilling your plans, raising to new stages of development and fulfilling your desires. We hope that in 2020 cooperation with us will be marked for your company by the successful and mutually beneficial implementation of many projects. And for our part, we will certainly make every effort to do this.
Dear partners! With sincere warmth and great gratitude for the cooperation, we congratulate the staff of your company on the holidays. May next year you have the opportunity to reach a new level of development and conquer the heights that have not yet been won, inexhaustible creative inspiration, creative ideas, energy and optimism for the realization of bold undertakings.

In verse

The planet is spinning in the New Year’s mess

The whole world is in a hurry to congratulate everyone on the occasion.

The night blooms with fireworks in the dark

And New Year replaces the old year.

May you, our partners, be lucky

One hundred times more than you can imagine.

And may good fortune come,

What happens with us is only better.

Helmet congratulations to partners,

You have happiness under supervision

We wish all this New Year!

We inspire you for creativity!

Let your business bloom and smell!

Let the crisis wither away somewhere!

Friends, we’ll tear everyone together

We do not care about competitors!

Our most faithful partners

From those who do not give life:

We figured it about

What we have achieved in a year:

You are simply the best in the world!

We collaborated not in vain,

And the balance shows this;

And at the end of December

We come to understand

That we cannot live without each other!

Good luck to you! And happy New Year!

Let's keep on friends!

Reached the goal with you

For the year they have succeeded in many respects!

Leverage, we support each other!

At any moment we will extend a hand.

May the coming New Year,

Reaches all heights!

Our cooperation with you,

More than once will show them all!

What is our faithful partnership:

Success, trust, perseverance!

My dear partners,

Happy New Year, I congratulate you!

Take a break from everyday life

I wish you working victories!

Cluttered working days

Waves we plow business,

Together with you, my partners,

Any obstacles are not terrible for us.

Regards partners, congratulations

We wish you success in business!

May the success of our relationship,

There will be many, many achievements!

May you have the coming New Year,

Many profitable customers will bring!

Partnership energy is growing

Friendship of relations only grows stronger!

Happy New Year our team wishes

You, time-tested partners.

May perseverance always lead

But perseverance and unity destroy the mountains.

May all efforts be fruitful,

Clear - the goal, confident - the dream.

Prosperity, stability and reliability

Serve you as faithful three whales.

Happy New Year!

Partners are faithful and reliable.

Let creativity lead to victories

Protects caution.

Let the team prosper

Team spirit and spirit of success,

And the new year in your work

Marked will be an important milestone.

Our partnership lasts a long time,

From this, both you and us are comfortable,

An agreement is concluded, there are plenty of projects

In detail worked out. Freely,

Relaxed, you can feel yourself here,

And we - you feel the hospitality

Always ready. Happy New Year today

Heartily. Thanks, what's fast

Specifically respond to the question.

We are ready to give a detailed answer. Inquiry

We have this: so that the common business grows!

We wish you gentlemen

So that the New Year brings good luck

So that business always thrives

Strong health in addition,

And expand the horizons

And increase capital,

Know nothing of privation

To always have enough!

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