Dentist Day 2020

People of this profession cause admiration and awe. Not without reason, in Russia they are honored twice a year, celebrating in February, together with the whole world, the International Day of the Dentist, and later in the spring - the professional holiday of the dentist in Moscow in other cities of the Russian Federation. Knowing the date of the celebration, it’s easy to make bright congratulations, send soulful cards with wishes to the recipients and organize spectacular events for distinguished figures in this branch of medicine. In a good deed, knowledge of the essence and history of the honorable profession, as well as interesting information about it, will help.

How many dentists accept congratulations?

Toothache and its accompanying ailments are considered one of the most cruel. The only way to get rid of both of them will be sought by a specialist. Rarely or often this happens - it does not matter, but the fact that dentists deserve special respect is undeniable. In Russia, grateful patients congratulate their rescuers twice a year:

  • unofficially - February 9;
  • officially - March 6

In winter, the International Day of Dentist (World Dentist Day) is marching around the planet, and in the spring - Moscow and throughout the Russian Federation it is customary to celebrate the International Day of the Dentist, glorifying everyone involved in the profession: from certified doctors to medical staff of clinics at festive events and in a narrow circle.

Interesting facts about significant dates

Medical historians consider dentistry to be one of the most ancient branches of medical activity, and there are many confirmations to this opinion. The fact that dentists conducted their practice back in the 4th century. BC, the Baluchistan excavations indicate. Archaeologists came across the remains of residents of the Pakistani province, in whose teeth perfectly drilled holes were fixed.

Despite such an impressive age of the profession, both days of the dentist are quite young holidays. Each has its own story, which is based on events directly related to the profession.

World Dentist Day

There are several ways to prepare greetings for the International Day of dentist 2020:

  • create a eulogy of your own composition;
  • find ready-made cards on the Internet;
  • use both options

Links to a legend that influenced the choice of a holiday date on an international scale or mention of significant events from the history of dentistry will become a spectacular addition to the text, a match or a toast.

Teeth and tongs of St. Apollonia

When choosing the number of honors for dentists, the West immediately remembered the martyr from Alexandria. A woman named Apollonia suffered for believing in the teachings of Jesus and refused to renounce her beliefs even after prolonged torture.

On February 9, 249 from the Nativity of Christ, the martyr, who steadfastly endured all the trials, once again rejected the demands of the executioners and herself jumped into the kindled fire. Teeth and tongs became attributes of the Catholic saint, and people believed that the healing power of the "Santa Apollonia!" Appeal was adopted.

Greenwood's outstanding invention

The basis of the holiday, which has official status in Russia and America, as well as many other countries, was the event that brought dentistry to a new level of development. In 1790, the personal dentist of the President of the United States of America, George Washington, designed a prototype of the world-famous drill.

The first device, created by John Greenwood, was oversized and controlled by a foot drive, but the trouble began! The invention, which was based on a simple spinning wheel, evolved into a high-tech device.

What you need to know about the profession?

The ancient Greek term "dentistry" is formed from two components: science and mouth. It denotes a section of medicine dedicated to:

  • research in the field of the structure and functioning of teeth;
  • the study of diseases affecting the oral cavity;
  • introduction of prevention and treatment methods

In Russia, they became acquainted with the saving craft thanks to Peter I. In the 18th century, the tsar reformer not only brought the first medical devices to the country, but also contributed in every way to the development of useful crafts and related activities, as well as became interested in the science of painless tooth extraction. The first to engage in dental activities in Moscow and the surrounding area of ​​the capital was Francois Dublel. With the advent of 1809, 18 specialists were included in the medical list of the empire. The doctors were charged with the obligation to receive appropriate education and only then a practice license was issued.

Modern dentistry

The list of specializations that give the right to be called a dentist is quite wide. The most famous and popular destinations:

  • orthodontics;
  • implantology;
  • Maxillofacial Surgery

Since the time of Hippocrates and Pierre Fauchard - a pioneer in the field of prosthetics, dental science is constantly evolving. During the treatment and restoration of teeth, revolutionary methods are applied, including laser exposure and nano-technology.

Take care of your teeth from a young age!

According to WHO, diseases of the oral cavity do not break records in prevalence, but still pose a serious danger to humanity. An impressive percentage of the world's population suffers from caries, pulpitis, peridontitis, etc., which is why the main task of public health authorities is to develop relevant methods for the prevention of dental diseases and support innovative research.

Only in the Russian Federation there are more than 10 thousand dental clinics. About 2 thousand of them are located in Moscow. The total number of doctors working in these medical institutions is approaching 1 million.

Funny dental traditions and events

Looking for a gift for the day of the dentist? Take note of the custom that has become widespread in the British Isles quite recently - in the 20th century! Present a denture to a colleague or doctor you know, because, as they say, a shoemaker may be without boots. Themed baking will also be an original present.

Choosing a gift with a pepper, do not forget that none other than the dentist Alfred Southwick invented the electric chair for the execution. For erudition and a keen word in the design of postcards, it is useful to know that in Israel and some other countries in dental clinics patients are received by robots, but under the supervision of a person. And how can one not recall the Russian tradition of throwing out milk teeth so that new ones grow as soon as possible or carry them to the bank like in Norway.

How to celebrate a holiday in Russia?

Both dates took root in the vast country with the only difference being that on February 9th it is customary to fold praises in honor of dentists, and on March 6th for all those involved in the profession: doctors with secondary specialized education and medical staff of specialized clinics. Since childhood, these people in white coats inspire us with fear, but despite the widespread dentophobia among the unconscious population, they relieve pain and suffering in a matter of minutes, for which they have earned respect and gratitude for generations.

On holidays, which are not official days off, masters and apprentices dentists not only accept congratulations, but also traditionally hold events dedicated to the profession from large-scale congresses to mass master classes.

Congratulations on postcards and SMS to Dentist's Day

In verseIn proseSMS
Jewelry Art -

Craft teeth for people!

Hollywood smile

Everyone can get it!

And for that, the dentist,

Let me congratulate you!

Let there be many customers

And income is always growing!

On the International Day of the Dentist, I wish you professional recognition, success and good luck in your work. So that the results of work pleased, and the gratitude of the patients was sincere. I wish you peace and prosperity in families, material well-being and health for many years to come!Let the smiles shine bright

Let only eyes shine with happiness.

I congratulate all the dentists,

And I wish you happiness friends.

Yes, your hard work is hard,

Watch the whole day only in the mouth.

So on holiday your beautiful

I wish you live without worries.

Only calm patients

Let work get high.

To be filled with love

Your toothy glorious life.

Let today this day you are surrounded by kind and bright smiles. May joy and positive give you this day today. We wish you success in your invaluable work, prosperity and prosperity in life. Patient thanks and pleasure from work. With all my heart we congratulate you on the day of the dentist!Dentists today

Congratulations on this day,

For a great job

We give you praise!

Patients to be pleased

Were coming again

To adults and children

Continued to love you!

In the chair you’re not afraid

Because everyone knows -

First-class dentist,

There is trust in you!

You are masterly at work:

Put seals and drill.

Because still hunting

Your office to visit!

Dear dentists, congratulations on your professional holiday! You save from toothache, give beautiful smiles and self-confidence! Thanks for your golden hands! We wish you prosperity, happy life and grateful customers!

Shine a Hollywood smile

Shine with the purity of your robe.

Let it be work not torture,

Let salary be worthy.

Have a good patient

Smiles, flowers, compliments!

I wish gold customers

More holes and fillings.

And grateful patients

So that you have cognac and rum.

So that everyone tries to get to you

And people fell into the office.

So that the whole world smiles at you,

Without hiding your teeth, in your mouth

Our dear creators of beautiful and happy smiles, our miracle doctors are dentists! I would like to congratulate you on your professional day! And wish you good health, moral and physical strength, patience, good luck and professionalism. So that your clients love you, appreciate, trust and respect, and are not afraid of how much.Congratulations, Dentist!

You deserve your holiday:

May your age be long

To live happily ever after.

Both in winter and in hot summer

Be always ready for work -

Among the seals are large and strong,

And sparkling fangs!

The king of teeth and the god of crowns

Of course, the doctor is a dentist!

Human smiles master

And a toothache tamer!

Let it be easy hand

What puts seals for centuries

May caries be afraid of you

Happy International Dentist Day!

A smile will make everyone brighter! From a smile in the sky the rainbow will wake up! Thanks to the dentists for this wonderful song. Your delicate work makes our smiles beautiful and dazzling. We congratulate you on your professional holiday and wish you happiness, joy and success. Let the patients not be afraid of you, but come to you like a holiday.Very important job

To treat people’s teeth

We wish you on your holiday

My calling to love

So that the profession is such

Brought a lot of money,

And make your life fun

And she was happy!

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