How many serve in the army in 2019-2020

About two decades ago, Russian guys served in the army for 2 years. Later, the terms changed, and young people began to pay back their debt to the Fatherland during the year. The authorities planned to transfer most of the military on a contractual basis, so that experienced fighters would protect the state, and not yesterday’s young boys. The economic crisis and political nuances have made adjustments to the government’s plans, and it may be necessary to increase the term of service in the Russian army in 2019-2020.

Current draft and recruitment situation

In the early 2000s, the duration of the army was legally changed from 2 years to 18 months. Later this period was reduced to 1 year. Those. Now the guys who are doing military service on a regular draft serve 12 months and several days.

Many are not aware of the extra days counted by 1 year of service. This is not a fraud on the part of the authorities, but only a transport error necessary for the road to the collection point and back to the house. In the same period, 1 extra day is sometimes included, as officially, army service begins with the assignment of a rank at a collection point, and not from the moment of arrival at it. Consequently, the number of extra days will depend on the remoteness of the place of residence from the assembly point, as well as on where the soldier will be sent, because days of the return trip are also not included in the total length of stay in the army.

Worth to know! Now only in rare cases, very young boys are sent to particularly tense places. For almost half the time, the guys are trained in military craft, honing their skills, and not fighting with the rebels, etc.

Recently, the question of the lack of thought of too short army service has been raised among officials more than once. In fact, after minimal training, the guys had little to serve, i.e. everything looked as if young people were sent for new knowledge, and not to protect the homeland. At the same time, there are also categories of citizens who have the opportunity not to go into the "traditional" army, who have the right to other ways of repaying debt to the Fatherland.

Alternative service and its features

This kind of army duty means a special activity that is not directly related to training in the art of military combat and participation in exercises. Now such a service implies conditional labor service, one way or another connected with the army itself and military knowledge.

Often people who do not know the nuances or do not see other options dream of an alternative service. In particular, one of the unpleasant features of the alternative service is its minimum life. The shortest duration of such a service is 1 year and 8 months. In addition, the variety of options is not so wide, there are only 3 types of other services:

  1. Work at military enterprises.
  2. Labor civilian activities in the Armed Forces.
  3. A long period of full-time study in military departments.

At the same time, only 1 of the options is available for the general population - anyone can try to enter the military department. Moreover, there are reservations with the terms of training. In order to receive official “exemption” from military service in the army, it is necessary to spend 450 training hours at the military department, otherwise you will still have to repay the debt to your homeland. Therefore, the option with admission, short studies and subsequent transfer to a civilian specialty is no longer available.

The situation with the truly alternative service, reflected in the first 2 points, is no better. The law for such an “army” defined its terms and categories of citizens allowed to these types of services. There are two types of terms and categories. Only not everyone will like the duration - they have to work 21 months at the enterprise, and they will have to work 1.5 years in the civilian specialty in the military unit. In addition, only a small part of individuals can apply for such types of services. Both categories require confirmation of facts, allowing them to choose an alternative option.

It is necessary to confirm:

  1. Belonging to a small nationality.
  2. Deep and relatively long religious involvement, based on a contradiction with the essence of the army and the events taking place in it.

Those. anyone can’t voluntarily serve in a military enterprise. Persons from the above categories may also lose this opportunity if they fail to apply in a timely manner with an appropriate statement stipulating their right to such a variety of military service.

However, for those who do not have the opportunity to go to an alternative "practice" and who do not want to study at the military department, you can choose another kind of army service. Only this should be thought in advance, before the planned draft in the army begins.

Replacement of military service with contract work

Based on the government’s plans, it can be understood that the professional army is a priority for the authorities, but the lack of funding, the global crisis, or poor-quality campaigning of the population hinder the transition to this format. Moreover, the development of a contract army directly depends on how long the service of young conscripts will last in a few years.

Opinion! A few months ago, one of the politicians expressed the idea of ​​legalizing certain types of corruption. In fact, you can start with bribes in medical institutions and military registration and enlistment offices, which allow someone to "reject" from military service. If you designate a substantial amount paid directly to the treasury, which gives the right to avoid conscription, then some people will use this option. This approach will simultaneously reduce corruption in this area and find partial funds to pay for contract military work.

Now there is a slightly opposite version of such a decision - instead of military service, you can go to the army on a contract basis and get paid for it. Only there is a temporary nuance - the term increases exactly 2 times, i.e. two days of work under the contract replace 1 day of military service. Consequently, in order not to join the army on conscription, it is necessary to work out twice as much on a contractual basis, although a full-fledged military salary will be laid for this.

However, in this situation, there is a "fly in the ointment" - only those who have good health without any reservations can serve in the army, as well as those who have notified of their desire to work under a contract before they are called up. Otherwise, you will have to serve on a common basis in the troops corresponding to the state of health.

Service in the Russian army in 2019-2020

Twice in 12 months, youth are filled with rumors that they will have to serve 2 years from the next draft in the army. The guys are frantically looking for appropriate legislative changes, studying the question of the length of time in the army. So far, there are no official innovations regarding the army service planned for implementation in 2019-2020. This does not mean that at the last moment they will not appear.

In the coming years, it will be possible to repay the debt to the Homeland by all the methods listed above, although two of them have nuances that do not suit all recruits. Therefore, for some guys, urgent service is preferable to other options. Consequently, if the terms of conscription increase, then the duration of other "types" of service in the army will also increase. Therefore, some simply accept the service as inevitable, timely arriving at the draft board.

However, so far the authorities have not abandoned the idea of ​​creating the foundation of a professional army with a predominance of contract military. This is one of the reasons why the increase in the service life for young men during the annual draft is not yet planned. In any case, the data on the closest call will have time to update, warning people, but for now there remains that very short year, and not two or a half.

What exactly will be the term of service in the Russian army in 2019-2020 will become clear only at the time of direct draft. With one stroke of the pen, the service life can change both the previous fall and the next spring. On the other hand, men must defend the Fatherland, therefore, military registration and enlistment offices will happily wait for conscripts at any time.

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