New Chevrolet 2019-2020 years

Chevrolet produces cars of various classes - from budget to flagship options. The sale of cars of this brand is carried out in more than 130 countries of the world, and in order to increase the number of sales and maintain popularity, the company constantly carries out a scheduled update of cars. New Chevrolet 2019-2020 years are already gradually appearing on sale, so it's time to find out which models affected the update.

Chevrolet Spark 2019

In 1998, the production of the Chevrolet Spark began, which came to replace the Daewoo Matiz. This is a compact five-door A-class subcompact car, which is ideal for city traffic. Although the car looks female in appearance, even men are actively buying it. What innovations were made on the car, and when the novelty appears on sale, we learn in detail.

This compact compact car has not received a new body, however, changes in appearance have occurred. Most of all, these changes are in the front. The front is presented in the form of two divided radiator grilles with black mesh filling. The upper grill is small in size, in the center of which there is a nameplate. The shape of the front optics and the design of the hood have not changed, but on the sides of the front plastic body kit the shape of the air ducts and fog light has changed. The design of the rear has not changed.

At first glance it seems that the car has three doors, but this is a five-door hatchback. The rear door handles are located in a non-standard place for the car. This arrangement of rear door handles on Spark is a feature of this model. In the cabin of the restyled version, almost no changes. The torpedo is based on a 7-inch multimedia monitor, under which there are deflectors and washers for controlling the microclimate system. New comfortable front seats are installed in the cabin, and a central tunnel has appeared in the rear, dividing the sofa into two comfortable seats.

The drive mechanisms are based on gasoline engines of 1 and 1.4 liters, giving out power of 75 and 98 horses, respectively. Options and prices of the new items are quite wide, ranging from 14 thousand dollars for the LS Manual modification, and almost 19 thousand dollars for a fully charged version. In total, 8 trim levels are expected, which are already available for sale in Europe, and in Russia the novelty will appear closer to the summer of 2019.

Chevrolet Cruze 2019

Since 2008, the Chevrolet lineup has replenished with a new product called Cruze. This model has gained particular popularity, and continues to be in demand. In April 2018, the world saw the updated 2019 Chevrolet Cruze, which certainly has something to surprise future owners. The model will be available in three bodies - sedan, hatchback and station wagon.

Retaining the old body, the car underwent a slight external restyling. The front end is made up of a large carbon-shaped radiator grill with black plastic filling. Above the grille there is a small-sized false grate, which is separated by a chrome-plated bumper line. On this connecting line is the emblem, which in the previous version was on the upper grille.

On the sides of the bumper are large openings of air ducts with fog lights. The optics have a flat oblong shape, and modern LED materials are used as filling. In the design of the rear of the changes did not happen at all compared with the previous version of 2016.

The cabin also did not undergo drastic changes, as evidenced by the old torpedo with a 7-inch multimedia display at the head. There were rumors that the design of the torpedo would change and become asymmetric, but at the official show all this was not confirmed. In the cabin, only some elements were modernized, in particular, the skin was replaced, new decorative inserts were used and the location of some buttons was changed.

Under the hood of the updated Chevrolet Cruze will appear a 1.6-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 137 horses. There will also be a gasoline engine that has undergone only minor modernization. This is a 1.4-liter unit delivering 153 hp. The cost of the car will be from 17.5 to 27 thousand dollars, and Cruise will be produced in 10 trim levels. In America, sales have already started, and in Europe and Russia, the car will be sold from the summer of 2019.

Chevrolet Malibu 2019

Since 1997, the Chevrolet Malibu middle class car has been produced. The eighth generation of cars was introduced in 2012, which underwent 4 years later the planned restyling. In 2018, the 9th generation Chevrolet Malibu debuted undergoing a cosmetic upgrade. The basis of the update is the front end, which received a large radiator grille with proprietary filling. There was also a small false grate, which is separated by a chrome bumper strip with a brand nameplate in the center. The shape of the side air ducts with wedge-shaped fog lights was modified compared to the previous version. The front optics became flat and oblong. The rear end had the least changes. The exhaust pipes changed, and a spoiler appeared on the trunk lid.

There were no changes in the cabin compared to the pre-styling modification. On the dashboard is an 8-inch display, as well as an attractive control unit for the microclimate system. The front seats have been modernized for even greater comfort. At the rear, the sofa is designed for two passengers, but its size can accommodate 3 adults.

Under the hood, you can choose from one of three options:

  1. 1.5 liter petrol engine and 160 forces, which is equipped with a variator.
  2. A 2-liter Ecotec gasoline engine with a capacity of 250 horses, paired with a 9-band automatic.
  3. The hybrid version consists of a 1.8-liter gasoline engine and a pair of electric motors. The total power of the hybrid Malibu is 182 hp.

How much the new Malibu will cost is already known. In the base assembly, its price will be from 21 thousand dollars, and the most charged will cost 32 thousand US dollars. In America, the novelty has already gone on sale, but when it comes out in Russia, it is not known. This model is intended for the American market, so its appearance in Russia is most likely not to take place.

Chevrolet Camaro 2019

Since 1966, a Chevrolet Camaro sports car has been produced. In 2018, an updated model of this car was shown, which received an improved design. The new body Camaro did not receive, but at the same time retained recognizable features. In front, a large-sized radiator grille with plastic separation flaunts. The side ducts are the end of the radiator grille, and fog lights in the form of thin lines are located in the middle of the bumper. The front optics also underwent changes, and was supplemented by a curved strip of DRL LED fill. A rectangular hole in the additional duct appeared on the hood.

In the back, only the feet underwent a change. Instead of rectangular stops, two oval rings are installed in the rear structure. The spoiler on the trunk lid has undergone a minor upgrade.

There were no significant changes in the cabin. The changes affected mainly the installation of a modern multimedia system. The engine range is represented by three options. The first option is a gasoline 2-liter engine for 275 horses. The middle option is an aggregate for 355 horses and a 3.5 liter volume. The most powerful engine in the Camaro line is a 6.2-liter engine with 455 forces. The units are assembled not only with an 8-speed automatic, but also with a 6-speed manual transmission. The minimum cost of a sports car is 27 thousand dollars. In America, the start of sales took place in 2018, and in Europe and Russia it is expected to appear no earlier than the summer of 2019. The first US customer reviews can be found online.

Chevrolet Blazer 2019

In the category of new cars Chevrolet entered the SUV. Its name is Chevrolet Blazer, which was demonstrated in all its beauty on June 21, 2018 at an auto exhibition. SUV sales have already started in America, but in Europe and Russia it is expected to appear closer to the fall of 2019.

The appearance of the news is impressive. Chevrolet's corporate identity in the form of a split radiator grille is visible on the front. On the sides of the body kit there are large headlights of fog and main light. In the upper part, thin headlamps with an LED DRL strip flaunt. The lower part of the bumper is connected to the protection. The back is no less stylish than the front. This is evidenced by the volume headlights located on the trunk doors with a twist on the side of the body. In the lower part are rectangular exhaust pipes.

The interior design is copied from the Chevrolet Camaro. At the heart of the torpedo is an 8-inch display of a multimedia center. High-quality lining is used, as well as comfortable chairs. Under the hood of Blazer are placed engines of 2.5 and 3.6 liters, issuing 194 and 309 forces. Both power plants are equipped with automatic gearboxes, and front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions are available for customers. How much an SUV will cost in Russia is not yet known, but in America it is sold at a price of 27 thousand dollars.

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 2019

At the end of 2017, the updated Chevrolet Corvette sports car was presented to the general public. Sales of the model in America started at the beginning of 2018, but the question of entering the limited version of the sports car on the Russian market remains unanswered. Appearance of a sports car is undoubtedly attractive. The front part is presented in the form of a large grille with a rectangular mesh filling. The bumper is made so that it divides the grille into three parts. On the side are air ducts that provide cooling of the front brakes.

The back of the Corvette stands out no less than the front. A special spoiler gives the sports car a large spoiler that provides downforce to the roadway at high speed. In the center, in the lower part of the body kit, 4 exhaust pipes are displayed. On the sides of the bumper are vertical ducts. Compared with previous modifications of the Corvette Z06, the ZR1 model is distinguished by style, formidable appearance and predatory appearance.

The interior is made in an asymmetric style, that is, a torpedo is deployed to the driver's seat. The interior design includes an 8-inch touchscreen multimedia display, as well as a digital instrument panel of a similar size. The multifunctional three-spoke steering wheel provides ease of driving.

The starting price of the car is 120 thousand dollars. For such a price, the manufacturer proposes a power plant in the form of a new generation gasoline engine of 6.2 liters, issuing 766 forces. The high-power unit is assembled with an automatic transmission in 8 stages, as well as mechanics in 7 gears.

Chevrolet Silverado 2019

The full-size Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck has been produced since 1999, which has undergone yet another restyling after a recent update in 2016. An updated pickup model was introduced in 2018, and already in the autumn of the same year the car went on sale in the United States. The cost of the car is from $ 28,500 for the basic package, and the version with a full mincemeat costs at least $ 50,000.

The T1 platform is taken as the basis for the restyled version of the pickup, the main feature of which is the content of a large amount of aluminum. The frame is made of special steel with high strength. The four-door pickup did not undergo any serious alteration, however, cosmetic modification is noticeable to the naked eye. At the front, diminished headlights that have a rectangular shape. Turn signals are located under the headlights. Fog lights are located at the bottom of the body kit. The radiator grill is presented in the form of two sections with horizontal lines as filling. The lower part of the body kit is reinforced with black plastic. Not without chrome decor elements.

Inside, there have also been changes. This is a large and spacious lounge, sheathed with expensive materials, plastic and metal. The torpedo is quite massive, and holds 2 glove compartments. In the central part of the panel is the integrated display of the multimedia system. The instrument panel is analog type, and the four-spoke steering wheel has additional control buttons. The salon is full of different buttons and controls. As power equipment under the hood of a restyled pickup truck, gasoline engines of 5.3 and 6.2 liters are installed. We did not forget about the diesel engine, which has a volume of 3 liters, and supplemented by a turbine to increase power performance. In Russia, the appearance of a pickup truck is not planned, since this model is produced exclusively for the American market.

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison 2019

Chevrolet introduced a model SUV - a Chevrolet Colorado. This is another model that is intended only for the American market. The basis of this car includes a 308 horsepower turbodiesel engine. The appearance of this pickup truck is impressive. This is a huge grille with the inscription along the entire length of the Chevrolet. The bumper is partially made of plastic and aluminum alloy. The bottom and part of the front body kit are protected by steel elements.

Round fog lights are integrated in the bumper design. The main light is provided by rectangular headlights with modern filling. Available car with 17-inch wheels. The start of sales took place in September 2018 in America, and this car can only be transported to Russia for those who wish to purchase it at a price of at least 60 thousand dollars.

Chevrolet Niva 2019

It is also planned to update the Chevrolet Niva, which has been produced since 2014, but has not yet become serial. After restyling, a modernized SUV is produced, which has gained immense popularity in Russia. In appearance, the front bumper will change, which has received a bump shape. The shape of the radiator grille has changed, and manufacturers have also worked on modernizing the front optics. The rear part has remained unchanged, but some positive innovations can be traced in the cabin.

In the central part of the torpedo is a multimedia display. Increased comfort to an average level. At the heart of the new Chevrolet Niva will be an old 1.8-liter engine producing 122 hp. Initially, it was planned to update the technical specifications, however, this would entail a significant increase in the cost of the car. Photo and price of new items will be from 680 thousand rubles in the basic configuration, and the maximum charged version will cost customers at a price of 765 thousand rubles. The start of car sales in Russia took place in early 2019.

Updating Chevrolet vehicles will certainly entail an increase in sales. The company is sure of this, since Chevrolet cars have always been and continue to be successful in all countries of the world.

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