Eid al-Adha in 2020

All countries practicing Islam annually celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice. The holiday date according to the Gregorian calendar is floating and every year is shifted by 10 days. Moreover, for Muslims, the date is fixed; it always coincides with the 10th day of the month of Zul-Hij. To determine the number of Eid al-Adha in 2020 is not difficult - you need to know the date of last year's celebration and take 10 days, or look in the hijra religious calendar.

The Feast of Sacrifice is one of the most significant in Islam. It is observed in all countries where Muslims live, including in Russia. In some countries it is official, and is celebrated at the state level.

Date and duration

Eid al-Adha is celebrated depending on national traditions and state structure. In most countries of the world, a holiday lasts 3 days. In Saudi Arabia, the Supreme Court announces the beginning and end, this is due to the difference in the Muslim calendar and Gregorian chronology. In this country, the holiday of Kurban can last up to 2 weeks.

In 2020, Kurban Bayram will begin to be celebrated on July 31, and the celebrations will last until August 2. When the holiday begins and when the holiday ends in countries such as India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, the government decides. In these countries, other systems for calculating religious celebrations are used.

You can find out what time the first day of Kurban begins by using a special calendar adapted to the state structure. The calendar also shows the exact time when one of the most important Islamic holidays ends. In many countries and regions of the Russian Federation, these days will be days off.


Eid al-Adha or Kurban Bayram is no less important than Uraza Bayram or the feast of conversation after holy fasting. The “Feast of the Sacrifice” is celebrated on the 70th day after the end of the month of Ramadan and has a long history. The event is dedicated to the prophet Ibrahim, who has proved to Allah his devotion and spiritual purity.

According to the Qur'an, the prophet saw in an dream the angel Jabrail. He ordered Ibrahim to prove his allegiance to Allah by sacrificing his beloved eldest son Ismail. This was repeated three times, so the prophet believed in a dream.

The ceremony took place in the valley of Mina near Mecca. Obeying the will of the Almighty, Ibrahim decided to fulfill the order, but at the last second he heard a voice that told him about the completed Kurban. Angel Gabriel gave the prophet a ram, who became a victim.

For devotion and pure thoughts, Allah gave his son Ibrahim life, because He simply experienced the power of faith of the prophet. Despite the fact that not all Muslims can come to the sacred place for the ceremony, they can hold it in any place where they are on holiday.

Some believers fast before the celebrations for 10 days, thereby proving their devotion and spiritual purity. All the animals that will be sacrificed on this day will help to cross the infernal abyss to paradise, where they will remain after leaving earthly life. And so that each owner can find his Eid, before the rite, they mark animals with a special sign or decoration.

Traditions and customs

The 9th day of the month Zul-Hija is called the sacred mountain Arafat. According to legend, all the deeds on the eve of the holiday of Kurban are paid repeatedly. That is why there is a tradition of fasting and praying on a mountain located 7 hours walk from Mecca. If a Muslim cannot go to Hajj, it is necessary to fast and offer prayers to Allah asking him to forgive all past sins.

The festive morning begins in the bath. All Muslims put on clean or new clothes and say a short takbir prayer. After this rite, you must go to the mosque for morning prayer and read a sermon praising Allah. On the way home, everyone again reads takbir, after which the holiday begins.


The main ceremony is performed on the first day of the holiday. However, an offering of sacrifice is permitted in the following days. Usually, a ram is chosen as a mound, but sometimes larger animals. When choosing, it is important to consider the age and health of the victim. Sheep must be older than 6 months, if it is a cow, then more than 2 years. Sick animals must not be slaughtered.

The kurban meat is divided into 3 parts: one must be taken for itself, the second should be distributed to those in need, and the third one will prepare holiday treats or pass it on to neighbors, with whom they celebrate the celebration. Often communities gather at one large table led by an imam. Sweets and other delicious dishes are prepared for the meal of meat treats. The skin or meat of sacrificial animals cannot be sold - they can only be handed out with good wishes.

Eid al-Adha in Moscow

The main place of celebration in the capital will be the Cathedral Mosque located in Vypolzovy Lane. Moscow annually becomes the central venue for the celebration of the Sacrifice Day. On the first day of the celebrations, several hundred thousand Muslims from all over Russia gather in the square.

Prayers and celebrations are also held in other mosques and at special venues: in Pavilion 2 in Sokolniki, on the football field in Brateevsky Cascade Park and in the Butovo Forest Park area.

Feast of Sacrifice in Russia and other countries

In many regions where Muslims live, the holiday is a day off and is celebrated in accordance with traditions. The official holiday of Eid al-Adha was declared in Dagestan, the Feast of Sacrifice is celebrated in Crimea, in the republics of Chechnya, Adygea, Bashkiria, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia and Tatarstan. The venue for mass events will also be St. Petersburg, Kazan and Ufa.


All mosques will be open in the city. Many parishioners will gather at the Kul-Sharif, Al-Marjani and Sultan mosques. Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil Samigullin will hold a festive sermon and will lead the namaz in the Galeev mosque. For people with hearing problems at Yardem, the sermon will be accompanied by sign language, and a live broadcast from the main mosque of the republic will be broadcast on the regional television channel.


In Ufa, the beginning of prayer is traditionally scheduled for 9:00 (7:00 Moscow time). In the cathedral mosque of the city "Lala-Tulip" will bring together not only residents of Ufa, but also guests from neighboring cities. To perform the main ceremony, the following sites will be allocated:

  • in front of the shopping center "Caravan";
  • in the territory of the Northern Bus Station in the region of Ordzhonikidze;
  • in the village of Zhukovo.


Public holiday is celebrated within 3 days, which are declared holidays. According to tradition, the inhabitants of Turkey widely celebrate the celebration, visiting their close and distant relatives, treating them with festive dishes. These days, it is customary to visit each other and give gifts.

In Kazakhstan

Kurban Ait is noted in all large cities and small villages. To conduct the ritual ceremony, city authorities set aside special venues and prepare entertainment events. Mass festivities will be held in all cities of republican significance and a program for children will be organized. Residents of Kazakhstan will find many interesting entertainments, holiday concerts and theatrical performances.


The date of the celebration of Kurban Hait is announced by the Ulema Council. In accordance with Islamic traditions, the holiday takes place throughout the country and is celebrated by the performance of the sacrificial rite. After the festive prayer, Muslims go to the cemetery to visit the graves of their relatives, and after that they spend time in the circle of iconic and friends.

Tajik authorities traditionally urge citizens to save money, and recall the introduction of a fine for overly generously covered dastarkhans and tables. In the past few years, the authorities have recommended a modest meal, which consists mainly of local sweets and fruits.


One of the main holidays of Islam will be celebrated in all settlements of the country. For the convenience of believers during the holidays, the streets leading to mosques are blocked. These days, it is customary to visit relatives and give gifts to newlyweds and children. For guests, dastarkhans with traditional treats from sacrificial meat, vegetables, fruits and sweets are served.

Since the date of Kurban Bayram is calculated according to the Hijra, in different countries the time of the beginning of the celebration may vary. Unlike other holidays, Eid al-Adha begins at sunset.

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