Military pensions in 2020

Recent unpleasant changes in the pension system have had a shocking effect on citizens. Against this background, military pensions in 2020 already look ugly in relation to ordinary people. There are many reasons for envy - there is a higher amount of benefits, and its early receipt, and regular increases. At the same time, people forget that the process of “earning” a military pension is much more complicated, because sometimes very different from civic work. However, this does not give an understanding of what will be in military payments in 2020.

Difference in size between military and civil pensions

Many civilians believe that military pensions are being indexed at a faster rate than benefits from other recipients. This is a misconception. Also, some are mistaken in thinking that the military, without exception, receive large payments.

It is especially annoying for pensioners who have a large civilian experience, but receive a small allowance. Military personnel and persons legally equated with them sometimes have 2 times less experience than civilians, receiving twice as much pension. At the same time, the relationship of the position with the total amount of benefits is not so pronounced among civilians, because the same chief accountant can receive salaries in different companies that differ several times. Sometimes an ordinary manager in a large company has a higher salary than the head of a small company.

For the military, the system works differently - for privates there are some boundaries of monetary allowance, for officers others. The final size of the future pension depends on the size of the allowance. Private could not get more than a colonel, because initially they have a different amount of allowance, which ultimately affects the size of the pension. Although annually authorities say an increase in these payments.

All about raising military pensions in 2020

In 2020, military pensions excite not only the recipients themselves, but also other citizens. It is important to remember that people who in one way or another defended their homeland are not to blame for the fact that other pensioners receive less. It is necessary to restrain negative emotions, in addition, the State Duma has already thought about raising the retirement age for such citizens.

The latest news about the proposed increase in the length of service has not pleased the security forces, etc. Although such a decision is completely fair in relation to other citizens of our country. The same workers of the Far North also work in dangerous conditions for health and life, but they have increased the number of years required for retirement. However, the employees of the Constitutional Court and all civilians were promised a good indexation of benefits in excess of inflation. This is a real increase, and not just compensation for rising prices.

The increase in military pensions in 2020 in the classic form is not planned. The authorities promised only indexation, and the principle and amount of charges will not be changed so far. At the same time, the increase for the military and persons equated to them will be less than for the civilian population. Approximately security officials will add 3.8% to the amount of monetary allowance in the form of indexation.

Interesting to know! Many are trying to find out their pension based on indexation by doing various mathematical things. At the same time, the FIU website should have a specialized calculator that allows you to quickly find out the estimated size of the allowance.

It is not yet clear whether this increase will be in the coming years or whether it will be postponed, but the issue of payments is under special control. Not so long ago, the Deputy Minister of Defense, Ms. Shevtsova, voiced the lieutenant’s approximate salary in excess of 60 tr, which led to misunderstanding on the part of ordinary citizens, who considered such a size of payments to be unfair to other state employees.

Moreover, when people talk about the income of security officials and the like, they often draw a parallel between wages and retirement benefits. At the same time, it is often forgotten that the bonus to the salary in the form of bonuses, percent of additional payments and other things, is not taken into account in calculating the pension. The security forces require their own calculation, which differs from the accrual of benefits to civilians.

Nuances of calculating allowances for military personnel

Not everyone knows that the size of the pension of all persons equated with the military is calculated as a percentage of the monetary allowance. This practice began in 2012. Then the base value for calculating the pension was the value of 54% of the current allowance for a particular rank.

Initially, it was planned not only to conduct standard indexation of payments, but also to regularly increase the percentage indicator, which forms the basis for the allowance. Over the course of several years, the number of percent increased, reaching a figure of 72.23%. For comparison, you can look at the dynamics of military pensions in Russia as a percentage of monetary allowance. It is enough to know that in 2012 the percentage was significantly lower - 54%. Those. over the past years, the amount of benefits increased by 35% of the original. Moreover, every year in January, people expect not only price increases, but also the indexation of state payments and benefits for various purposes.

Indexing military pensions does not fundamentally change the amount of benefits received. If the authorities of the Russian Federation decide at the end of 2019 to extend the moratorium on increasing the percentage of salaries, the figure of 72.23% will remain relevant in 2020. The last time pensions for military pensioners were raised in real terms at the beginning of February 2017. Then the amount of the pension percentage of cash allowance was treason from 69.45 to 72.23%. The authorities plan to achieve pension payments in the amount of 100% of the monetary allowance of the corresponding rank. It's just that the increase schedule has been disrupted by the crisis and its many waves.

It is not yet clear whether in the coming years they will raise the set level to the maximum, whether the country will have enough resources for such expenses, because there are quite a lot of people who are equated by law with the military. In addition, the addition to their pensions in rubles looks more solid than in the case of benefits to the civilian population due to the initially different sizes.

Therefore, it is not clear to ordinary people how much it is possible to increase the income of security officials-pensioners, when even the same percentage indexation brings the military more money in rubles than civilians. Such people want to know when they will increase their pension, not trying to understand that the delay in the growth of benefits is connected with the crisis. On the other hand, payment to the security forces, ordinary police officers, etc. The second pension caused a lot of negativity among civilians.

The second pension for military and equivalent persons

For most older civilians, having a second pension in the military seems like a mockery by the state. It is understood that they are already receiving significantly higher benefits, while still being granted the right to a second pension.

We are talking about civil payments provided for the existence of experience after the end of military labor activity. On the one hand, there is logic, but if you apply this rule to other residents of the country, then it does not work. Those. a teacher who has worked for 25 years and subsequently becomes a seller must receive both teaching aid and a civilian pension for labor in trade.

The second pension to military pensioners looks like that in the eyes of the rest of society. In fact, they already received a bonus in the form of early start of retirement benefits, so the authorities also decided to give them extra money, although the same doctors and teachers also do a lot for the country, and workers in the Far North work in dangerous and difficult conditions. Only them, as well as doctors with teachers, are not entitled to a second pension, even if they fulfill their “length of service” years.

In 2020, military pensions are planned to be indexed, although the increase will not be large. However, in the past few years, people equated with the military, it’s a sin to complain about life. No one says that they live better than anyone, but compared to the beginning of the 2000s, progress is evident. It remains only to wait for all the decrees on the increase and indexation, hoping that at the last moment a new crisis will not happen that impedes the implementation of plans.

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