Trendy hats fall-winter 2019-2020

Seasonal weather changes force fashionistas to revise their wardrobe - to undress in the summer and warm in the winter. At the same time, do not forget that even accessories that are insignificant at first glance are able to completely transform the female look, making it more trendy. For the winter season, such an accessory is a fashionable hat that allows you to look very stylish and at the same time take care of your own health. A well-chosen hat will make the everyday winter bow complete and will easily fit into the most complex ensemble. Today, even those fashionistas who categorically do not accept hats will be able to choose the option that suits them that will not make their appearance ridiculous, but only emphasize the charm. Look for all the details and photos of the caps of the new season next.

Fashionable women's hats fall-winter 2019-2020: general trends

Fashion lawmakers argue that color is more important than ever for a hat. Stylists recommend focusing on bright models that will remind you of the past summer and please the eye. Products of emerald, orange, lilac, raspberry, berry and light pink colors will certainly dilute the boring autumn-winter palette of women's wardrobe. And if you complement them with the same bright scarf or gloves, the set will become simply amazing.

Supporters of classic solutions always have access to a collection of muted color caps. Shades such as beige, brown, gray, black, creamy, white and milk and coffee have a good potential for compatibility.

The main segment of hats of any fashion season is knitted hats. And this is not surprising - they perfectly retain heat, are pleasant to the body, do not particularly deform the hairstyle and are easily erased. At the top of fashion trends are now creative models of large knitting, the texture of which resembles fish scales, pigtails, Norwegian and color patterns. Some craftswomen even manage to decorate products with voluminous drawings, flowers, animals, geometric and abstract patterns. It is noteworthy that voluminous hats of large knitting exquisitely set off sophisticated facial features, making them even more gentle and expressive.

Woolen knitted hats are far from the only option for warming in the coming winter. Another trend is models made of natural or artificial fur, an echo of the fashion of the 90s, which allows a woman to look especially luxurious and expensive. A special variety of things from synthetic raw materials boasts. Manufacturers are able to give them any configuration and paint in the most unexpected colors.

Playful pompons

Although hats decorated with pompons can not be called a hot novelty, designers do not cease to include them in their fashion collections. They serve as a suitable accessory for creating sports and street images, as they allow you to feel confident and active. They are worn with sports puffer jackets, bomber jackets, parkas, shortened down jackets and insulated vests.

Recently, pompons have become more voluminous, vibrant, found at different ends of the product. Increasingly, they are combined with a viscous “pigtail” type made of light yarn. Winter clothes are additionally provided with a warm lining that does not allow cold and wind. An elongated winter hat, trimmed with pieces of fur and decorated with a pompom, looks especially perky and cute - in such a dress you will certainly attract attention.

Fashion designers offer a large number of options for the tint palette, including a contrasting combination of colors that everyone will like.

In principle, any model can be equipped with pompons - a knitted beret, a “sock”, an earflap, a helmet. Caps with two pompons on the sides in the form of ears are still in trend. The model, addressed to the children, can easily be fit into an adult image, giving it a touch of mischief and carelessness.

Pompons are made not only from wool, but also from fur blanks. Soft balls made of rabbit, raccoon, polar fox, silver fox and fox fur complement clothing made of wool, fleece and knitwear. Fluffy design can make any hat elegant and original, especially with skillfully selected color scheme.

Universal “sock”

Laconicism, simplicity and practicality - so in three words you can describe the model with the modest name “sock”. A universal accessory received it because of the external resemblance to this indispensable product. An elongated warm hat, as a rule, is deprived of jewelry and is sewn according to simple patterns.

In addition to the “sock”, similar models are also distinguished - the “cap” and “stocking”. Their freely hanging edge sometimes reaches the level of shoulders - a bold decision for young people and adherents of shocking style. But most of all, the “sock” is suitable for creating urban and casual sets, and due to its versatility, both female and male representatives can safely put it on. The dress also has no age restrictions, the main thing is to choose the appropriate length, which will not interfere and cause inconvenience.

You can wear fashionable women's hats autumn-winter 2019-2020 in the form of a sock in different ways - pick up the hanging edge, roll up at the base or wear it like an ordinary hat, maximally folding it in length. Some products are available with a finished doorway and an insulated double lining for harsh climates.

Alternative snood

Snood cannot be called a hat in its classical sense. This is a voluminous scarf knitted with a ring, which can be worn in several ways - both in the form of a regular scarf, and in the form of a combined scarf with a hat. The solution is more suitable for autumn than winter, but in dank weather it serves as an excellent protection against rain, wet snow and wind. The accessory gives incredible comfort to its owner, gives the style individuality and charm.

Snood is most often carried out by volumetric viscous, therefore it is not suitable for owners of appetizing forms. But in the image of thin people, the little thing fits perfectly. Snud harmoniously looks with classic coats (long and short), as well as jackets with a tight silhouette. The accessory also does not contradict the free style in clothes - during leisurely walks around the city or active pastime, it will be appropriate.

Recent trends offer fashionable women to put on fur snoods - incredibly warm and soft, guaranteed to keep warm. But it should be borne in mind that the products do not tolerate dampness and precipitation, so wearing snood from fur is better in dry weather.

Fashionable earflaps

Not so long ago, earflaps were an attribute of an exclusively male image. But with an easy supply of fashion designers, the fair sex was also appreciated by the convenience and originality of the headdress. Decorated with bright and original details, pompons and decorative inserts, an earflaps can revive even the most boring image, make it feminine and attractive.

In fashion collections there are earflaps made of fur and yarn, leather and knitwear, minimalistic sports and rich combination models. This headpiece is easily transformed to the needs of its owner. In particular, “ears” can be left hanging freely, tied under the chin or on the crown. A number of products are available with very short ears, slightly covering the whiskey and lobe. Options with extremely long “ears” that can reach the collarbone and middle of the chest are their antipode. To give the bow flirty, the hanging ends are decorated with buboes, tassels, braids and laces.

Modest beanie

This name was given to any hats for women, devoid of ties and fasteners. On the head they are held by a tight cut and a snug fit to the crown. The beauty of a beanie lies in their modest design, but fashion trends every year turn simple hats into more sophisticated and interesting hats that can decorate a stylish set.

In fact, this headpiece is devoid of any conventions regarding color, shape, material and volume. For winter, you can choose shapeless warm large-knit products from warm yarn. The model for the fall will be lighter, thinner and not so massive.

Here again, it is worth paying attention to pompons - they are best combined with a bean. An interesting option is a double beanie, made using the technique of double-sided knitting from yarn in two contrasting shades. Turning the cap on one of the sides, you can get a completely new accessory that is better suited to a particular outerwear. As a rule, the style of such a bean is the simplest, so that the thing can easily acquire the desired shape.

Most often on sale you can find knitted bean from knitwear or natural wool - angora, merino, mohair, cashmere. There are no restrictions in the knitting scheme - the cap can embody any ideas and fantasies of the master.

Pretty lapel

Hats with lapels - one of the varieties of beigny already familiar to us. They are successfully combined with any style of outerwear, performed in a variety of knitting and color options. The lapel itself can be adjusted at the request of the owner - to make it wider or literally roll it into a narrow tube. You don’t have to do a lapel at all - and then the classic beanie will turn into an equally trendy “sock”.

The hat, dubbed “marshmallow”, looks very gentle and weightless. The product is knitted in a circle with a seamless technique with a double lapel. The yarn is chosen to be the lightest, most often a pink, cream or beige palette - hence the association with sweet airy marshmallows.

A hat with a wide lapel is suitable for almost any type of appearance. It fits snugly to the temples and crown, without distorting the contours of the face. The elasticity of the headdress is provided by the English gum, which is equipped with the model. Wanting to add a twist to the accessory, designers equip it with buttons, placing them next to the entire width of the lapel on the right or left.

Knitted berets

Beret has always been perceived as the most feminine headdress for spring and warm autumn. But in the 2019-2020 season, very warm winter berets, knitted from thick yarn and even fur, promise to become super-trendy. In the manufacture of winter models, a wide variety of knitting options are used. Just like classic hats, they are made according to the pattern of pigtails, cones, smooth canvas and other patterns. Especially exquisite options are decorated with rhinestones, stones, appliques, bows and pompons.

You can often find very voluminous French berets that can hide an impressive pile of long hair. Interesting combined options are in fashion, where various textures, knitting options and a tint palette are successfully combined. It is better to wear such berets with monophonic outer clothing so that the image does not turn out to be ridiculous. Berets have long ceased to be an attribute of exclusively creative personalities - they harmoniously fit into business, romantic and street images, adding to them French charm.

Trend volume

It is difficult to imagine the novelties of hats 2019-2020 without volumetric models, which are now at the peak of popularity. They can not be attributed to any particular style. Volume is added to all hat options, whether it be minimalistic “socks”, modest beanies or classic berets. Their popularity is due to the spectacular appearance, which can not be doubted.

Volumetric caps are a kind of reflection of the oversize style, which is found in almost all the latest collections. Dimensionless hats combine two key advantages - they retain heat perfectly and at the same time serve as a trendy women's accessory. Representatives of both the older and younger generations can wear such hats. Another advantage of the model is the so-called spaciousness. An overseas cap will reliably hide even the most voluminous hairstyle, and you can not worry about the safety of styling.

Volumetric hats are designed to focus on urban outfit. They fit perfectly into classic female looks and even business bows. In the latter case, the design of the cap should be as concise as possible, and the color should not be out of the general palette of the outfit.

Chic fur

Fur hats will find their fans among fans of vintage style in clothes. Their fur products have excellent warming properties and will make any look as attractive as possible. And thanks to the variety of styles and colors, each fashionista will be able to choose an option that fits perfectly into the image and makes the right emphasis on certain facial features.

Fashion lawmakers have recently relied on naturalness, so hats of a natural color predominate in a fashionable fur palette - they look especially expensive and stylish.

This category also includes a cap with earflaps, in which a large amount of fur is combined with inserts made of leather, textile or suede. But the most interesting thing is the product, where applications and stylish designs are used as decor, giving the dress a unique look.

In fashion collections, colored caps made of faux fur are sometimes found. Perhaps these are the most shocking hats for fashionistas with an innate sense of style - to organically fit such an accessory into a set, you really need talent.

Many cap models included in the review settled in designer collections for a long time. With their help, the female image will always be stylish and attractive, individual and harmonious.

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