Horoscope for 2020 for Aquarius

The exact astrological horoscope for 2020 for Aquarius involves a difficult period, eventful. Unexpected coincidence, the need to make spontaneous decisions, sudden trips could upset other signs of the zodiac, but not the impetuous, energetic representative of the air element. Developed intuition, determination, an extraordinary mind, combined with a tendency to go to extremes, provides a stormy life with events, a complete lack of routine.

The first months will seem difficult: the desire to do something will be replaced by apathy. In the spring, the desire to move forward will take up, new interests and financial projects will appear. The extraordinary mind of Aquarius will find proper use, attacks of indifference will become rare. As an intellectual, he is constantly evolving. Year 2020 will not leave time for idleness. The upcoming difficulties will force us to look for ways to solve them, which is only at hand for the representatives of this sign.

What to prepare for in the new year

Symbol of the year, the way of thinking of Aquarius is incomprehensible. In contrast to this inventive optimist, a fickle seeker of new sensations, the White Rat strives for calm, avoids adventure. For her, prosperity, comfort, coziness at home is the highest pleasure, and for him, these values ​​mean nothing. Aquarius, even having the opportunity to live a royal life, prefers a simple environment, often sloppy.

People of this constellation never cease to comprehend the new. They are erudite, but continue to replenish knowledge, being carried away by several areas of science at once. Their spiritual search is endless and changeable: today they are atheists, tomorrow adherents of religious doctrine. However, the Metal Rat strives for stability, loves predictability, so a conflict of interest is inevitable.

Year 2020 has beneficial energies conducive to creation. If you use this, you will succeed in all areas of life. Aquarius will need to adjust to the vagaries of the astrological "mistress." Extraordinary, creative, courageous, he is able to achieve great victories if desired, especially in the reign of the "lady", longing for stability, wealth, strong family relationships.

About men

These gentlemen manage to look soberly at the world, while remaining dreamers. They are quick-tempered and restrained, but easily forget their grievances. Managing to see each woman from an attractive perspective, representatives of the Constellation rarely remain faithful to their partner. The problems are almost always blamed on others.

If such a man releases his potential and wants to become rich, then he becomes one. To achieve his goals, he has everything: ambition, mind, love of fortune, ability to build intrigues and intrigues to competitors, the ability to inspire confidence and make friends. In the year of the Rat, success awaits that representative of the element of Air who wants to get rich, climb the social ladder, and acquire a "nest". This is a good time to develop strategies for future victories.

For all his foresight, he may not notice that he has a solution to all problems right “in front of his nose”. Sensitive to flattery, often underestimates rivals. During 2020, it is important to exercise caution in dealing with people who seem insignificant, without power.

About women

A woman loves her family. Having chosen a partner, he is not looking for other chosen ones, filling his life with work, hobbies, hobbies. Not always a good hostess. She is very burdened by the “cook-clothes” and “laundresses”, so in her house everyone can take care of themselves.

This is a good mother, raising children with a desire for goals, a love of learning, innovative thinking, independence. She needs time outside the family, where she could realize her talents, which she must have.

Always emphasizes his personality. Sometimes it looks like she is "out of this world." She knows how to be friends, but she can accidentally spell out a secret, which is why she herself then suffers. It is quite practical and consistent: if the boat is sinking, the first to swim ashore. There is no point in expecting self-sacrifice from her; she is too rational for that.

Careerist. Possesses diplomatic skills, charm. Her stubbornness, integrity and pride help in financial matters, but adversely affect loved ones. It can move away from relatives, because it values ​​spiritual attachment more than blood bonds.

About love

In youth, they are frivolous and fickle. It is difficult for them to build relationships, because today the soul is drawn to one person, and tomorrow to another. Often return to past love, even if the passions have long cooled. Middle-aged and older people are either single or living with those who are able to endure their tendency to flirt and doubt.

The temperamental, amorous Aquarius can draw everyone's attention. If they want, they will conquer any impregnable mountain, but their interest tends to cool down, so love affections gradually fade away, become friendly. In the year of the Metal Rat, there will be every chance to create a strong union, where passion will be replaced by mutual respect, which is sometimes much more important.

These are invariable romantics and poets in the soul. When they are in love, the object of their interest can be envied. Generous, sincere and honest, men and women of this sign are able to love forever, but only an extraordinary, multifaceted personality. Ordinary, gray causes rejection. To keep Aquarius, you need to keep a veil of secrecy and some alienation in the relationship.

About money

He may be poor or very rich. Life gives him opportunities again and again, even if they do not immediately become apparent. A new chance will appear in the new period, and it is better not to miss it. The chance to step further than dreamed will appear for those who want to work, who do not disdain dubious deals. Aquarius torment of conscience rarely torment, so he will almost certainly take what itself goes into his hands.

Sometimes, due to boasting, serious financial expenses are made, followed by bitter regret. A clear distribution of money will help to refrain from rash acts, especially since a lean Rat will have such an attitude to abundance.

Close relatives will make an unexpected gift, most likely this inheritance. It's time to make major repairs, buy real estate, change the car. It is not recommended to allow all the profits to rest, pleasure, entertainment. It is impossible to lend, it is better to postpone surpluses for the future, because fortune is changeable.

Career, business

The first half of the year will require flexibility, cunning, and diplomacy. Only in this way order will be maintained at work. Unpleasant situations with employees are possible. Nearby there are always envious people who believe that laurels should belong to them. Excessive revelations should be avoided, learning how to keep secret plans for the future.

The union of abstract and logical thinking allows achieving success in various fields of activity: in politics it is a charismatic leader, followed by crowds of people. Such a person is able to occupy a high post.

As a businessman, he succeeds, but the more activities are expanding, the more lazy it becomes. Success without obstacles leads to stagnation.

In the work - an incredible talent, causing a wild delight of fans, and as a leader is always effective, a little cruel. Inclined to have pets, collect gossip.

Born in this zodiac sign wants attention, calling. The rich inner world is torn out, and the innate ability to win hearts ensures popularity.

In the year 2020, Aquarius will have to be careful. If he does not appreciate what he has, begins to be scattered with talents, difficulties will arise in the work sphere. Perseverance, accuracy, hard work are welcome and will be rewarded.


Health fails those who forget to take care of it. Aquarius needs daily physical activity, sports, fresh air. Due to the tendency to hormonal fluctuations, many are overweight. This will help fix the stimulation of metabolism by folk remedies, gymnastics. The body will benefit from a timely examination in a medical center, especially in the presence of pain.

It is useful for men and women of the sign: adhere to moderation in food, drink; Avoid unprotected random communications to harden; apply the principles of separate nutrition; normalize night sleep.

Positive thinking allows the sign to emerge victorious from the most complicated situations, but the propensity for excesses makes them vulnerable to evil addictions. Purposefulness will help to solve the struggle in favor of the good, and interesting tasks are needed to stimulate it. In the year of the Rat, it is useful to pay attention to the state of your health and take seriously the strengthening of the body's natural protective functions.

Famous people born in the Constellation of Aquarius: Clark Gable, Vladimir Vysotsky, Boris Yeltsin, Dmitry Kharatyan, Marat Safin, Dmitry Malikov, Vera Glagoleva, Anna German, Irina Muravyova, Virginia Woolf, Paris Hilton, Wang, Jennifer Aniston.

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