Bloody Shot - 2020 movie

  • World premiere: February 21, 2020
  • Premiere in Russia: February 2020
  • Original name: Bloodshot
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: fiction, drama, action
  • Producer: Dave wilson
  • Cast: Vin Diesel, Sam Hughen, Asa Gonzalez, Talula Riley

"Bloody Shot" Bloodshot ”), which will be released in 2020, will be one of five films based on comic books by Valiant Entertainment. This is not Marvel or DC, but the company also has plenty of fans. Their superheroes are particularly dedicated. Not without reason the word "valiant" is translated as "valor".

About the plot

Bloody Shot is the name of the hero, which in English sounds like Bloodshot. The character is relatively young: it was invented in 1992. He is a former soldier named Angelo Mortalli, who was once mortally wounded. But they were able to revive him, thanks to modern technology: Angelo’s blood was chipped with billions of nanodevices, which allowed him to become practically immortal. He took on a new name - Blood Shot - and became a superman: Bloodshot is able to instantly recover from injuries, change body weight and control electronic devices.

At first, Bloodshot serves the special services that revived it. But due to a side effect in the form of memory loss, it is very difficult for him to live. He decides to find out who he was before. Upon learning that they made a killing machine out of him, he begins to take revenge on the offenders. But at the same time he does not forget to fight with the enemies of mankind. The film "Bloody Shot" 2020 and tells the story of the protagonist.

By the way, it is possible that in Russia the name of the film will not be literally translated. Still, the nickname Bloodshot is more sonorous than the Bloody Shot.

About the film company and filming

For the franchise of five new fantastic blockbusters (2 stories about Bloodshot, 2 stories about the Harbinger and the final part with the working title "War of the Harbingers"), Sony Pictures took up the movie company. She owns such famous films as Ghostbusters ("Ghostbusters"), Spider-man ("Spider-Man"), Men in Black ("People in Black"), etc.

The bulk of the filming of the first "Blood Shot" takes place in Cape Town (South Africa). There are excellent film studios and amazingly beautiful landscapes. Some episodes are planned to be shot in Prague and Budapest. The film crew is planning to finish in America. And such a large-scale grandiose work makes movie fans based on comics stand still in anticipation.

According to insiders, Sony Pictures plans to repeat the success of “Logan”, “Deadpool” and “Robocop”, creating another sci-fi blockbuster about a new hero. It has something from previous characters, but the creators claim that the Bloody Shot will have distinctive features that will make the picture original.


For the main role, a large actor with great experience was required, because he had to play not complicated physical scenes. Vin Diesel (all parts of The Fast and the Furious, Three X's, 2002, The Chronicles of Riddick, 2004) met the requirements perfectly. Despite the fact that the actor recently celebrated his 50th birthday, he began to actively prepare for the role, regularly attending the gym and capturing it on their social networks.

The first frame from the "Bloodshot" (2020)

His partner was the fragile Talula Riley - a Hollywood actress (Odnoklassnitsy, 2007, Tor-2, 2013) and ex-wife Ilona Mask. She will play the Bloodshot girl, whose name is Gina in the comics. But the attention of viewers will be riveted on the beauty Ace Gonzalez ("Kid on the Drive", 2017). The Mexican actress also uploads a lot of photos on her social networks, where she not only shows shots from the shootings, but also shows an excellent figure of a “phony”. It is still unknown who she will play in the film, because her role was specially written. There is no such girl in the comics.

Spectators look forward to 2020 in the film "Bloody Shot" to see their favorite - handsome Sam Huan. The actor was remembered for the role of James Fraser in the TV series "Alien." In the blockbuster Bloodshot, he will play Corporal Harlan, nicknamed "Long."

Bob Leighton, author of a comic book series about a hero nicknamed Bloodshot, is positive about casting. He personifies Vin Diesel with the Bloodshot because he is a big fan of the Riddick movie series. Leighton talked with the actor (as he once spoke with Robert Downey Jr. about Tony Stark in Iron Man) and managed to convey to him how he sees his character. "The diesel engine took into account all the wishes, which I am immensely happy with," - said Bob. And he marks Sam Hugen as a very hardworking actor.

Also in the “Bloodshot” the main roles will be played by:

  • Asa Gonzalez ("Kid on the Drive", "Alita: Battle Angel");
  • Toby Kebbell (Monster's Voice, Black Mirror);
  • Guy Pearce (“The King Says!”, “Iron Man-3”);
  • Johannes Höykür Johannesson (Alpha, Origin);
  • Lamorne Morris ("Night Games", "New Girl");
  • Alex Hernandez (Doctors of Chicago, Law and Order);
  • Siddharth Dhananjay ("Patti Case").

Film crew

The director’s chair was taken by Dave Wilson. This is his first directorial work, but Wilson previously managed to excel in 3 nominations for the best special effects. His portfolio includes the film Avengers: Age of Ultron, as well as a number of computer games in which he was responsible for visual effects.

The plot was created based on the comics, but the script still had to be finalized for the action blockbuster. The horror author Eric Hyserrer, who once created Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), Destination (2011), Something (2011), took up this task.

As the creators planned, the exact date of the movie "Bloody Shot" ("Bloodshot") is February 21, 2020, filming began in 2018. The date of the Russian release is still unknown, the trailer will also be released closer to the premiere.

Watch the video: Blood Shot Trailer HD 2013 - Action Vampire Movie (February 2020).

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