Border Guard Day 2020

There is such a profession - to defend the homeland! This catch phrase perfectly reveals the essence of one of the most important military professions - border guards. Defense is truly a profession that brave warriors give back 24 hours a day. Indeed, the main postulate of the border guard is to be always ready, at any moment, to raise the alarm in the event of a threat to our Motherland.

The traditional holiday in honor of the border defenders is celebrated annually at the end of spring, in the last days of May. About what date Border Guard Day is in 2020, about the features and traditions of the holiday, its history - in this article.

Date of

The question of what date Border Guard Day is in 2020 arises quite often. The reason is that most professional holidays have a floating, non-fixed date. However, this holiday is different from all the others - every year it is celebrated on the same day, May 28th.

Border Guard Day in 2020, we will celebrate on Thursday, May 28.

The holiday is included in the list of professional, military, is not a day off, of course, with the exception of cases when it falls on Saturday or Sunday.


Modern Russian Border Guard Day can be called the successors of the old Soviet holiday with the same name. In Russia, this celebration officially appeared in 1994, at the time of the formation of the new statehood. In the USSR, the date of the appearance of the holiday was 1958, when it was decided in this way to increase the morale of the military personnel, "giving" them their own day on the calendar.

The history of the border troops is much older and richer than the history of the celebration of the same name. The first mention of border guards dates back to the early Middle Ages, when a special military detachment was set up for the protection of princely lands from raids by nomads. The territory of Russia expanded, its borders changed, and the question of their protection became more and more serious. So watch towers appeared on the notches, then small settlements began to appear around them, followed by towns and cities. And, for example, Tobolsk owes its appearance precisely to the spot, the first border point on the then border of the principality. So the border service can be safely called the cause of the emergence of many cities of modern Russia.

In a more familiar form, which is already close to the modern one, border detachments appeared in the 18th century, when Catherine II ordered her to establish the “customs chain and guards” service. In the XIX century, this formation was divided into two parts - the customs service and the border guard corps.

With the revolution, the border troops - like other state institutions - underwent changes. So, the main task was not the fight against smuggling and illegal defectors, but the full protection and protection of the borders of the new state.

Time passed, provisions changed and new decrees were issued, and now, finally, the border troops were transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and then the KGB. In the new, modern Russia, the Border Guard Service is part of the FSB.

How to celebrate

The holiday is celebrated not only in the respective troops, but literally throughout Russia. Congratulatory speeches, presentation of awards and prizes, concerts and performances - this is not a complete list of events traditionally taking place on this day.

As a rule, in Moscow the Border Guard Day begins with the gathering of all the participants in the festival in the park - Gorky, Izmailovsky, Poklonnaya Gora, Sokolniki. The focus is on border guards, those who served on the border five, and ten, and twenty years ago. Yes, the holiday is celebrated not only by active servicemen, but also by all those who repaid debt to their homeland in the past, border service veterans. It is them - the defenders with great experience - who are usually honored at the event.

The holiday begins with a ceremonial building, and the names of those who died defending their homeland are also called. This is followed by solemn speeches, congratulations from officials - leading army personnel and officials from the Moscow administration. A mandatory event in the official part is the laying of wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The festival continues with concerts. Performances of artists take place in open areas - in the same Neskuchny garden, for example, and in concert halls. Of course, in between the numbers, congratulations come from all those who care about the holiday.

The celebration ends with festivities and fireworks.

This day in other countries

Border Guard Day 2020 is also being celebrated in other countries - our CIS neighbors. True, not all of them left the old Soviet date.

  • Together with Russia, on May 28, they celebrate the triumph in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.
  • In the spring, but only a month earlier - April 30 - this day is marked in the calendar of holidays in Ukraine.
  • In Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, Border Guard Day falls on August: in Turkmenistan it is the 11th, and in Kazakhstan - the 18th. By the way, on August 18, Azerbaijan celebrates the holiday.

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