Sakura blossom in 2020

Sakura is one of the main symbols of the land of the rising sun. It is not necessary to go to Japan to observe its flowering. The popularity of pale pink petals of cherry trees is so great that they began to plant sakura in Russia. Every spring, residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of colorful and delicate flowering trees.

Hanami: Sakura blossom tradition

Sakura blossom is traditionally spring in Japan. To admire this action, the word was even coined - Hanami. This tradition has more than seventeen centuries.

In the days of ancient Japan, only representatives of the aristocratic class had the opportunity to observe the flowering of cherry trees. They spent hours relaxing in the gardens, enjoying socializing, light drinks, snacks and, of course, sakura flavors. It blooms from seven to ten days, and in the coldest years, time is reduced to several hours. In a short period of this beauty and magnificence, aristocrats noticed the deep meaning and transience of life.

Today, Hanami is not considered an official holiday. However, most Japanese and tourists annually find time to admire the lush pink trees. In Japan, sakura blooms not only in gardens, parks and squares, but also in many temples. After six in the evening, the backlight turns on, due to which the inspection acquires new colors.

The Hanami picnic tradition has been preserved since the Heian era. The Japanese do not just walk, but lay blankets and arrange outdoor meetings under the crowns of cherry trees. In the most popular and beautiful places in the early morning it is customary to place a litter with a name in order to later gather with family and friends. Even corporate employees get out for lunch with the boss to mark Hanami.

When Sakura Blossoms

Most Muscovites and Petersburgers are concerned about the question of when to expect sakura blossoms in 2020. However, it is impossible to give a definite answer, since the beginning may change depending on weather conditions, temperature and precipitation.

Traditionally, sakura begins to bloom in late April, continuing to delight with tender pink shades of buds for about ten days. In 2014, the process began on April 26, and a year later, at the very end of the month, on April 30. Spring 2013 turned out to be very cold, because the Russians saw the first color only on Victory Day.

How not to miss this wonderful event? Already in March and early April, regularly check the news on the Internet or open webcams with a live information stream from parks and botanical gardens.

Where to see sakura in Moscow

Sakura first appeared in Moscow in 1987. Despite more severe weather conditions, Japanese trees took root in the Russian capital. A few years later they began to be planted in various places. The cherry tree for the first time begins to bloom only in the fifth, and sometimes the eighth, year after planting.

The unpredictability of the cold Moscow spring cannot guarantee an accurate forecast. Experts believe that in 2020, sakura can be admired in early May. Muscovites and guests of the capital will be able to see fleeting and delightful flowering in such locations:

  • The main botanical garden. There is a Japanese garden, which was created specifically for true fans of Japan and its traditions. More than 250 seedlings were planted in the garden, but only about 50 of them bloom each year. In the daytime, you can see the unique varieties of Tishima and Ezo-yama, but first you will have to purchase a ticket.
  • Moscow State University. Near the main building of the metropolitan university a few years ago 50 beautiful trees of the Tishima variety were planted. They were presented and brought from Tokyo, and during this time the seedlings successfully took root and delight Muscovites. A big plus - you can enjoy growing sakura here for free.
  • Pharmaceutical garden. In the very center of the city you can enjoy a collection of various plants and trees, among which there is sakura. However, at this point cherry trees bloom a few days later. You can visit the Pharmacy Garden until 20:00.
  • Biryulevsky forest park. In 2010, 30 seedlings of the Ezo Yama variety were planted in the park. Since sakura is still young, she is not tall enough. But the unique sweet aroma is as beautiful as in other places of the capital.

Where to see sakura in St. Petersburg

There are also several places with beautiful trees in the northern capital of Russia. You can see sakura blossoms in St. Petersburg in the following parks and gardens:

  • Botanical Garden. Sakura, planted several years ago, became an ornament and a delicious addition to already growing plants. Every year, the festival "Sakura Matsuri" is organized for everyone who wants to get acquainted with Japanese traditions and culture. Seedlings were grown in the north of the country of the Rising Sun in order to adapt them to the climate of Russia.
  • Seaside Park Victory. On Krestovsky Island you can combine a pleasant walk along the alleys or a picnic on the lawn with admiring cherry blossoms.
  • Chinese Garden of Friendship. A beautiful garden was created as a gift for the centenary of the northern capital, all the trees were brought from Shanghai.
  • Garden parterre Smolny. 10 sakura trees were planted here only in 2013. During this period they have gained strength, delighting every year residents and guests of St. Petersburg with their color.

Japanese cherry blossoms symbolize the transience of life, blooming for a short time. The main thing is not to miss the chance to personally see and feel the sakura blossom in one of the natural reserves of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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