Cabinet decoration for the New Year 2020

On the eve of the New Year, many are not limited to decorating the home and use festive decor in the office. There are several features of the decoration of the cabinet for the New Year.

Design Tips

The choice of design style depends primarily on whether customers visit the office or not. In the second case, the decor can be guided only by your own preferences (but it will not be superfluous to consult with colleagues with whom you share the office). If the visits of visitors are not rare, then the decoration should be approached more thoroughly.

  • Follow the measure. Leave a generous decor with an abundance of tinsel, snowflakes on the windows and other things for the home. An elegant Christmas tree and several garlands - this is often enough to create an atmosphere of the approaching New Year in the office.

You can follow the European tradition and limit yourself to a spruce wreath on the front door. A small Christmas tree or a composition of juniper branches and toys at the reception desk, as well as on the table in the meeting room, will be appropriate.

In spacious office rooms, a large Christmas tree will harmoniously look. In this case, preference should be given to artificial specimens, so as not to add unnecessary work to cleaning specialists. In small offices it is reasonable to install a compact tree or replace it with a New Year tree.

  • Use a calm color scheme. 2-3 colors - this is the maximum that will allow you to preserve the working spirit without sacrificing the festive. In 2020, a metal rat protects, so the best colors for decoration will be gold, blue and green. If it is difficult to come to a compromise in choosing a palette, then you can arrange a secret ballot among all employees.

Looks original in corporate colors!

  • Do not be afraid to show imagination. The classic design looks beautiful, but if your company employs creative personalities (designers, decorators, holiday organizers, etc.), then their abilities should also be directed to decoration.

It will be a great idea to organize a corporate-style photo zone in the company's lobby. This will not only decorate the room, but also become an excellent marketing move - visitors will take pictures, upload them to social networks and advertise your company in this way.

Fashion trends

Every year something new appears in the decor. To impress visitors, the design should be not only beautiful, but also fashionable.

Designers recommend using:

  • Natural materials. Today more than ever, environmental friendliness is popular. Therefore, it is reasonable to buy designer paper garlands, wooden Christmas toys. By the way, instead of the traditional Christmas tree, you can collect the beauty from the branches.

  • Hand made jewelry. Toys and garlands cut from felt and paper, wreaths made from branches and cones - these are just a small part of what will organically look in any office.
  • Fabric decor. You can move away from the classic decoration with tinsel and garlands and give preference to fabrics. This design looks very unusual and will be appreciated by customers.

Set a reception vase with gingerbread on the counter. They will be excellent symbolic gifts for guests, and their aroma will add a festive touch to the atmosphere.

Original ideas

An elegant Christmas tree and several garlands - this is the classic decoration of the cabinet for the New Year. It is suitable for any premises, regardless of the scope of the company and its age. But you can turn on a little imagination and make the decor truly original.

If desired, it is quite simple to implement one of the following ideas:

  • Vases with toys instead of a classic Christmas tree. Get some transparent glass vases and fill them with colorful Christmas balls. Such a composition will be a great alternative to the usual needles. By the way, instead of balls, you can use tangerines, oranges, beads, cones and fir branches.

  • Compositions of Christmas toys. Tie threads of different lengths to the glass balls, and then attach the structure to the ceiling.

  • Christmas tree made from products of own production. Make sweets, make flour, make juices, and maybe print magazines? From all of the above (and much more) it is easy to assemble the main New Year's symbol.

Using the suggested tips, stylishly and beautifully decorate the office for the New Year 2020 will be an easily solved task. However, if there is no time, desire and / or opportunity to realize design ideas, then it is more reasonable to entrust this task to experienced designers. They will undoubtedly be able to realize all your wishes, as well as offer some interesting solutions.

Holiday ideas for decorating your office:

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