Postcards Merry Christmas in 2020

Ahead of the long-awaited winter holidays, which means that it is time to pick up beautiful postcards and pictures that can be used in 2020, congratulating relatives, friends, colleagues or merry Christmas.

We have collected for you a large collection of pictures and cards in a variety of styles:

  • classic and alternative;
  • to Orthodox and Catholic Christmas;
  • with wishes and congratulations in poetic form.

You can save any card you like on your gadget by clicking on the image with the right mouse button and selecting the appropriate item in the context menu.

Orthodox and Catholic Christmas

Most Russians are Orthodox Christians, and it is customary for us to celebrate Christmas on January 7, which means that in 2020, Christmas Eve is in the evening from Monday to Tuesday.

According to the Catholic Christian rite, Christmas is celebrated on December 25. It is worth noting that, in fact, the dates in both versions do not differ, but the Catholic Church adheres to the Gregorian (according to the old style) calendar, and the Orthodox Church follows the Julian (according to the new style).

Of course, the traditions of celebration themselves are somewhat different. Although, there are universal greetings in postcards with warm wishes that will be relevant for both Orthodox and Catholic Christmas in 2020.

Traditional christmas cards

The tradition of giving cards, congratulating relatives and friends on Christmas, is rooted in the distant past, because it appeared long before the birth of the printing house. It is known that in the circles of medieval nobility it was customary to order thematic engravings and lithographs for Christmas, in which artists depicted biblical scenes. Most often, these were the first hours of the Savior's life and the offering of gifts by the Magi.

It is such traditional cards that are most often chosen as a Merry Christmas greeting today - we offer to evaluate a selection of beautiful options designed specifically for 2020.

Retro style

The first prototypes of Christmas cards appeared in the XVIII century. These were business cards, each of which was unique, because it was made manually. Such exclusive cards were presented as a symbol of special reverence, because they were very expensive.

Today cards in retro style are also quite popular. Many believe that they feel the true spirit of Christmas with its ancient traditions.

Christmas tree

Often, pictures of Christmas spruce are correlated with Catholic Christmas, although in fact, the tradition of decorating a tree has its roots in the deep past. The mention of the spruce is also found in the Bible (saving the baby Jesus from King Herod, the parents closed the entrance to the cave with spruce branches). And, although many historians believe that the tradition itself to hang the tree with bright ornaments, goes back to the pagan beliefs of the Slavs, the star on the crown symbolizes Bethlehem, who showed the way to the Magi, who were honored to be the first to see the Savior.

Santa Claus

European Christmas is also hard to imagine without Santa and his faithful deer, like our New Year without Santa Claus. Not surprisingly, having become one of the main symbols of the holiday, Santa is quite common on modern Christmas cards. We bring to your attention several new options for 2020.

Fairs and cities

By the holiday, the cities seem to be transforming, transferring residents to a magical Christmas tale. The streets are lit by hundreds of bright garlands, colorful wreaths appear on the doors and windows, and fairs are organized on the squares. Postcards depicting squares and streets, as well as colorful Christmas stalls with goodies and souvenirs can be a great idea for a Merry Christmas in 2020.

Tasty postcards

It is no secret that many people are looking forward to the Christmas holidays to enjoy traditional sweets in plenty. Painted gingerbread cookies, fragrant mulled wine, gingerbread houses that amaze with their sophistication and many other goodies in 2020 will be relevant not only on tables, but also on mini-cards.

Such a “tasty” congratulation will certainly cheer you up and give a charge of positive emotions.

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