Russian Premier League football 2019-2020

The Russian Premier League 2019-2020 has already started. The 28th season of the top division of the Russian football league system began on July 12. It will last until May 30 of next year. According to the results, a new Russian football champion should be determined. Each team spent 4 matches, so analysts provided the first predictions about who will win the gold and who will go to the NFL.


The new championship made minor changes regarding the preparation of the calendar of games. Now the schedule of matches of the Russian Premier League 2019-2020 is being developed by the RPL with the support of the Higher School of Economics National Research University. The amount of penalty points for violation of the dates indicated in the calendar is minimized. The following game transfer restrictions are allowed:

  • team participation in the European Cup;
  • conducting other events at the stadium;
  • adverse weather conditions;
  • the need for an even distribution of matches with the top FCs, which took leading positions in the standings according to the results of the last championship.

Also, the Russian Premier League for football 2019-2020 will be the first in history when the VAR video system is used to help referees. The new championship is organized according to standard regulations. Each team must play two matches with rivals: at home and away. Football clubs, which will occupy the 15th and 16th positions by the end of the season, will be transferred to the FNL.


Matches within the championship will be hosted by 13 cities. For the games prepared the main and spare stadiums. All games will take place on:

  • Gazprom Arena;
  • Rostov Arena;
  • Krasnodar;
  • Kazan Arena;
  • Arsenal
  • Ahmat Arena;
  • Spartacus
  • Samara Arena;
  • Gas truck;
  • Oil industry worker;
  • Yekaterinburg Arena;
  • Fischte;
  • Opening Arena;
  • VEB Arena;
  • Russian Railways Arena;
  • VTB Arena.

Also, in case of unforeseen circumstances, 4 more spare stadiums have already been prepared:

  • Mordovia Arena in Saransk;
  • Khimki Arena in Khimki;
  • Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow;
  • Central in Kazan.

Participants and first results

Football news of the Premier League of Russia 2019-2020 suggests that Zenit can remain a champion. Petersburg team continues to show the best results in the championship. In total, the RPL includes 16 teams, including:

  • Zenith;
  • CSKA;
  • Rostov;
  • Ruby;
  • Locomotive;
  • Krasnodar;
  • Ural;
  • Arsenal;
  • Akhmat;
  • Dynamo;
  • Spartacus;
  • Ufa
  • Wings of Soviets;
  • Tambov;
  • PFC Sochi;
  • Orenburg

In the box of Zenith, which of the four matches held won in three and one ended in a draw, 10 points. Petersburg team takes first place in the standings. Most analysts believe that the current champion has every chance to defend the title.

In second place is CSKA with three wins and just one defeat. The Moscow team has 9 points, which makes it the main competitor of Zenit. The third position is held by Rostov, who won two fights, and drew two more. Rostov FC has 8 points, so it is slightly behind Zenit and CSKA and has every chance to break ahead.

Rubin, Moscow Lokomotiv, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg Urals and Tula Arsenal each received 7 points. Teams show almost the same results, so their location in the standings can change quickly. In the ninth position was Akhmat, who won two victories and two defeats. So far, FC from Grozny has 6 points, but in case of victory he will be able to move forward. Immediately followed by Moscow Dynamo and Spartak, who each have 5 points. Experts estimate their prospects foggy.

On the 12th place in the standings is Ufa, who won in just one match. Due to a draw and two defeats, the team has only 4 points. Below it in the ranking are Wings of the Soviets and Tambov, each having 3 points. Each team has only one victory and three whole losses. On the penultimate 15th place is PFC Sochi with one point. Orenburg finishes the standings, losing four games out of four.

It should be noted that Tambov and Sochi entered the Russian Premier League for the first time in history, taking leading positions in the FNL Championship. FC replaced Anji and Yenisei, who left the top division. While Tambov managed to advance slightly, Sochi has every chance to return to the FNL next year.

Best players

Despite the fact that the calendar for the Premier League of Russia 2019-2020 is already in the public domain, the list of top scorers is only being formed. So far, this list includes:

  1. Alexander Sobolev. A young Russian footballer playing for the far from the most powerful team from Samara, “Wings of the Soviets”. Thanks to him, FC from the last place moved to the thirteenth position. Since the beginning of the season, Sobolev has already scored 4 goals and became the best RPL player in July. According to some sources, CSKA is considering buying a player.
  2. Artyom Dziuba. The true legend of Russian football. From the beginning of the season, the captain of the Russian national team and striker Zenith scored three goals. The 30-year-old football player is in second place after Alexander Sobolev, but experts are convinced that this result is only the beginning.
  3. Eldor Shomurodov. 24-year-old athlete from Uzbekistan playing for Rostov. From the beginning of the championship, he brought his team 3 goals. Thanks to this, Rostov moved from sixth to third place in the standings, entering the list of leaders. Some experts believe that it is Eldor who can help win the team, if not the championship, then the prize.


According to analysts, one of the following teams will win the new championship: Zenit, Rubin, Dynamo, CSKA. The listed football clubs had the most matches in a row without goals conceded. However, the situation may change dramatically. For example, the Zenit leadership plans to break the contract with the far from the weakest footballer Anton Zabolotny in order to save financial costs.

Seriously gained momentum and CSKA, rising from fourth to second position. Having scored three victories in a row, the army team can come out on top after Zenit's only mistake. Moscow Spartak, on the contrary, may have problems. Having arranged the sale of football players, the capital's FC remained, according to many experts, with the weakest squad. Now the team is in eleventh place, but whether it can stay in the RPL following the results of the championship is not known.

Four rounds have already passed, and the fifth starts on August 10. Football calendar of the Russian Premier League will provide complete information on upcoming games.

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