New Year greetings for the upcoming 2020

Original New Year greetings for the upcoming 2020 in poetry and prose is another opportunity to give friends, relatives and colleagues a good mood on the eve of the most beloved and long-awaited holiday.

Such funny quatrains and creative cards can be sent to friends on December 31 or even earlier, recalling that the New Year is already "on the nose."

All pictures presented in sliders and galleries, you can completely free save to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Having collected your New Year's collection of pictures and poems well in advance, you will not have to spend a lot of time choosing greetings on the last day of the outgoing 2019.

SMS congratulations

Are you planning to congratulate your friends on the upcoming New Year 2020 with the help of SMS - then pay attention to short verses with wishes that can be easily typed on the on-screen keyboard or simply copied to the text message editor.

Colleagues and relatives can prepare universal lines with the traditional wishes of happiness, good luck, health and prosperity in the coming 2020, a friend - a quatrain with a wish for love, fulfillment of wishes and New Year's magic.

Twenty - New Year!

What will he bring to all of us?

I don’t know, but I wish from the bottom of my heart,

May your wishes come true!

Magical that night came again

Lighting the lights of miracles outside the window.

May your wishes come true! We are not averse

To have happiness here with us!

New Year's Eve is knocking on the doorstep

And our best dreams come true.

I wish you a little today:

Be loved and happiest you are!

In the New Year, we are waiting for a little miracle,

In the New Year we dream of love.

I will not be original here at all:

Let everything come true, what we dream about!

New Year brings people happiness

And hope is a bright, bright ray.

May bad weather leave you forever,

Let boredom, anger, sadness disappear!

New Year's Eve is behind the window

Today we were a little sad:

Let the years fly by - no problem at all!

Be loved, happy, always fun!

Miracles always come on New Year's Eve,

Desires are fulfilled, and love blooms.

Today I wish you from the bottom of my heart:

Miracles, joys, fun in life and in fate!

Rhyme wishes

You can also congratulate the upcoming 2020 through the popular instant messengers Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc., which allow you to send not only text New Year's greetings, but also digital cards with the image of Santa Claus hurrying with gifts.

Happy New Year, here is what I want to say:

Two twenty, dear, will realize your dream!

May the wishes come true, may the sadness be gone

Happy new year, dear! This year will be the best!

Happy New Year, I congratulate you, my friends!

What I wish you cannot list all:

Happiness, joy, success, sun and warmth.

To have a lot of laughter, and love in my heart bloomed!

Happy New Year, new happiness - everybody says so.

Well, I’m glad to congratulate you again today.

Let everything be the best, dreams come true.

Let the sun warm a ray - you smile!

The clock has struck - a year has passed, with which I congratulate you!

May all of you be well, and I also wish:

So that in life there are no sorrows and everything, everything worked out,

So that dreams come true, and you are not upset by anything!

Happy New Year from the heart now!

Two twenty is a miracle, just the upper class!

May they bring joy and joy to everyone,

May your dreams come true: profit, wedding, housewarming!

I want to congratulate you on this New Year!

Let everything be - the upper class, I wish that:

Life turned out as it should, and success came,

That there were no sorrows, and laughter sparkled!

Outside the window it is already dark - so soon the New Year is coming!

We make wishes under the chimes account.

Well, I wish you all come true!

That everything was wonderful, that everything was good!

New Year's poems

Having gathered together with friends or relatives on December 31, you can also please those present by congratulating with the upcoming 2020 beautiful rhymed lines that will create a festive atmosphere.

New Year's Eve will blossom with fireworks of lights

We look up, make wishes everyone.

To be calmer, warmer, kinder, more fun,

So that everything works out, and this is especially important.

I wish you that there are no more sorrows.

To anxiety your house went far side.

So you love, wish, dream

And you would always hurry home with a happy smile!

Tangerines, a miracle, a Christmas tree - it's New Year again!

We ask two twenty what he brings to us?

It’s not easy to predict, but why?

Best of all, I wish you all today:

May your dreams come true, may sorrow go away!

Look with optimism you are more likely in the distance.

Let everything be very cool, let eyes burn

Let life be interesting - we are all for it!

Also, the proposed verses can be used to design copyright New Year's cards for 2020. You can also read about how to make an exclusive "Happy New Year" postcard with your own hands in the materials of our site.

Poems about Pig and Rat

The coming 2020 will be held under the auspices of the Rat, while the Pig was the symbol of the outgoing 2019. That is why, congratulating on the upcoming holidays, we can mention these two characters.

New Year is knocking again!

No time for sadness.

Soon the pig will go into the distance

Year of the Rat we meet.

Mustachioed, soft, mischievous ...

It will be exactly bright!

And soon we are all under the pine

Find your presents.

Hastily visiting Santa Claus

And with it the New Year!

He brought a rat to us -

Take the guest of the people!

Loves sweet cheese.

And cookies, and honey ...

We will treat him for the future!

White white like snow

With a ponytail, mustache.

Symbol of the Year 2020 / (twenty twenty)

Guess for yourself.

He looked at us through the window

And said, afraid of the cat,

But will come to us boldly in the house

We will make friends with him later.

Congratulation toast

If you want to surprise your friends on a corporate party or on New Year's Eve with an original toast - learn rhymed congratulations on the upcoming 2020. Such an alternative to traditional toast will definitely not be left without attention.

I want to wish a happy new year and sincerely say:

Today, this night, everyone wants to dream!

Everyone is waiting for a miracle soon, everyone believes in miracles.

Let them come true - that's what I want to say!

I also wish you happiness, more so that at all,

So that money would be spent, and so that success would come.

So that the sun shines, so that it is good,

So that joy does not abate, because the New Year has come!

I also wish for light and warmth, goodness,

So that all that is desired is always fulfilled!

Love, fun, miracles - it’s so boring to live without them!

And so you never had to be sad again!

Wishes in Prose

None of the proposed poetic options reflects those feelings and emotions that I would like to convey when congratulating you on the upcoming 2020 - do not be discouraged, because you can always make an owl a unique congratulation by adding it to your favorite lines.

Today, when everyone can easily find rhymed lines for any occasion on the net, many people believe that prose in congratulations on the upcoming New Year 2020 sounds more natural. So, as if the author himself picked up the words, without turning to the Internet for help.

So, here are a few universal ideas that can be combined with each other, making an exclusive congratulation in prose for colleagues, friends or relatives.

So 2019 is coming to an end, which brought us both achievements, and many joyful minutes, and difficult moments. But, one way or another, as a result, the year was productive and successful. So let the coming year 2020 be filled with creative successes, new projects and bright emotions.

Happy 2020!

There is very little chimes left before the battle and it's time to spend the outgoing 2019! So let’s thank Pig for all the good things that each of us had this year and leave all the bad things in the past. Let the new year 2020 begin as a clean slate, giving everyone new opportunities, opening new horizons.

Hi Hi! Just saw Santa Claus! He asked me to convey that he remembers the gifts ordered and will be with you exactly at 12:00 on December 31! He also hinted that he has prepared for you in the new year many accepted surprises, but he won’t say what!

Holiday greetings!

Again, weightless snowflakes lead a round dance outside the windows, and New Year is "on the nose". We have been waiting for this magical holiday for so long and here we are gathered to meet the year 2020. So let him bring you good health, success in new endeavors, love in the family and comfort in the house, financial stability and as many bright emotions as possible.

Happy New Year!

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